A Canine’s Mischievous Act of Snatching His Owner’s Dentures Goes Viral Online

The Dog That Stole His Owner’s Teeth Becomes Viral On The Internet

The Internet has gone crazy for a dog that stole its owner’s teeth. As pet owners, we understand that our furry friends can do mischievous things, but we can’t help but adore them nonetheless. Despite the damage they may cause to our belongings and even our sleep space, their endearing qualities always win us over with their sweet sensitivity.

Meet Milo, the clever Jackapoo who surprised his owner by grabbing her dentures from a nearby drawer and placing them in her mouth. This hilarious incident went viral on social media, with many people commenting on the adorable pup’s antics.

Milo, an adorable eight-month-old puppy from Llandudno, Wales, surprised his owner, Stacie Owen, when she discovered he had stolen a set of teeth from her bedroom drawer and was posing for the camera with a big smile. Despite being astonished, Stacie couldn’t help but laugh at Milo’s cheeky behavior.

Milo was absolutely fascinated with his new teeth and couldn’t resist tugging at them after Stacie first inserted them. Stacie was puzzled about why Milo was so quiet, but eventually found him in the bedroom playing with her mom’s old dentures.

He confessed that Milo finds joy in holding things in his mouth and gets ecstatic whenever he finds something interesting during their walks. According to him, Milo always brings something back home every time they go out for a walk.
“I can’t help but laugh every time he does it,” he said. He also suggested that everyone should check out Milo’s antics on Instagram and Facebook to see more of his adorable habits.

Stacie was quick to grab Milo’s phone as he put on his dentures and filmed it amidst his laughter. She had been searching for him for a few minutes because it was unusual for her pet to be so quiet. Milo had just gotten new teeth, and he was excited to flaunt them, which made Stacie suspicious that something strange was happening. A few days before, he had learned to open drawers, so Stacie had to be careful and not keep anything dangerous or tempting within his reach. Milo is a Jackapoo, a mix of a Jack Russell and a small poodle, also known as a toy poodle. His demeanor and appearance could be traced back to either his father or mother.

Thanks to the video where Milo shows off his prosthetic device with a big smile, he has garnered a massive following on social media. Stacie, on the other hand, promotes her pet sitting services and shares lovely pictures of dogs under her care while their owners are away. Additionally, Milo has his own Instagram page, where he is labeled as a tooth stealing, stick-obsessed pup who’s not shy about exposing his private parts.

Stacie shared on her profile how much she adores animals by saying, “If there are no dogs in paradise, I want to go where they have gone.” In response to Milo’s video, where he did something amusing, many people expressed their gratitude and joy. One person even said, “Thank you, you made me laugh, my dog did this and I wet myself.” I was left speechless by the heartwarming comments. It was the perfect laugh that brightened up everyone’s day. So, don’t forget to spread the love and share these moments.

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