A Father’s Heartwarming Creation: Personal Snow Dens for His Beloved Husky Who Thrives in the Cold

Upon meeting Sakari, Amanda Killen and her partner Phil noticed that the husky had likely experienced difficulties in her life. Seeking to add an older dog to their family, the couple visited a rehoming facility where they encountered Sakari, who had spent the majority of her days in a kennel with numerous other dogs. As a result of being sold as a puppy to an infamous breeder, the husky had forgotten what it was like to play and appreciate the outdoors. Amanda believes that if it weren’t for their intervention, Sakari would have remained immobile in her kennel all day long.

During their visit in December 2021, the breeder was already under investigation by the New Brunswick SPCA. Fortunately, the remaining dogs on the mill were seized and rescued shortly after Killen and Phil’s visit. When they arrived, the breeder brought out a dog named Sakari for them to see. Sakari immediately showed her submissive side by laying down at their feet, which made Killen and Phil realize that she was the perfect dog for them.

Despite being timid at first, Sakari quickly warmed up to Killen and showed her affection. Killen shared that they ultimately decided to take Sakari home with them, and when she opened the back of her vehicle, Sakari eagerly jumped in. From the moment they brought her home, Killen knew that Sakari was their perfect match. Despite the initial shyness, Sakari showed them love and trust almost instantaneously.

Sakari felt anxious when she first arrived at her new home, but as soon as she realized that she was finally in a safe place, her entire demeanor changed. She’s now much happier than ever before. According to Killen, Sakari is still apprehensive about any changes that happen in the house. She gets scared by even the slightest alterations in the furniture or when something new is added to the house. She’s not fond of loud noises or fast movements and is slightly hesitant around unfamiliar adults. However, Killen states that Sakari is fantastic with children and other animals. She loves taking care of her new baby and is a great companion for them.

Sakari has two great loves in life: her dad and snow. When she first came home, she immediately bonded with Phil and turns to him for comfort when she’s feeling uneasy. They both share a love of playing in the snow, and Phil would bury Sakari in it when they get a chance. Unfortunately, last winter was too mild for a lot of snowfall, so Phil wasn’t able to build Sakari another snow fort. However, Sakari still enjoyed rolling in the little snow they got and sticking her face in it. Her parents love to spoil her with cuddles, treats, a cozy bed, and the freedom to run in her fenced-in yard or be inside the house. Sakari’s favorite spot is snuggled up in her bed behind the couch, close to her humans but out of the way of any foot traffic.

Husky in the snow

According to Killen, Sakari has made remarkable progress since her days in the breeding pen. It took a lot of time, dedication, and patience from Phil and Killen to earn Sakari’s complete trust and make her feel at home for good. Rescue dogs can be a challenge to care for as they may exhibit destructive behavior or severe separation anxiety. Nevertheless, the love and affection received from them after overcoming these hurdles are priceless. Witnessing rescued dogs emerge from their shells and realize that there is nothing to fear is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Sakari is now enjoying the life she truly deserves – a life that’s overflowing with love, family, and heaps (and heaps!) of snow.

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