A Feline Fiesta: Recovered Cat Sports Mini Sombrero to Embrace New Life Indoors After Neglect

A person in Arkansas noticed a weak cat wandering around an unexpected area, leading to their worry. Initially, they planned to rescue and nurse the feline back to health, but things took a surprising turn. As you read on, you’ll learn how a perplexing rescue mission transformed into a heroic effort that saved the cat’s life with a little help from some local champions!

An Unexpected Find
Mia Mae was discovered in a wooded area by a concerned citizen near a lake and was later taken to a nearby shelter. The animal shelter staff described her as somewhat wild and untamed, and they sought out Sarah Richardson, a foster of Community Cats of Central Arkansas, for assistance. When Sarah arrived, she found Mia Mae hiding under a pillow, unwilling to come out or interact with anyone.

A Puzzling Situation
As soon as Mia arrived at Sarah’s place, Sarah knew something was amiss.
Although Mia appeared to be around three to five years old, Sarah noticed that she was “extremely tiny” and “refused to eat anything”.
Furthermore, Mia was suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration, and was also plagued by parasites.
Sarah administered fluids and medication to treat the parasitic infection, but Mia’s flea dermatitis caused her to lose patches of fur.
Despite Sarah’s best efforts, she became increasingly worried when Mia refused to eat.

The Case of Mia Mae’s Mysterious Illness

Sarah had been puzzled for a long time about the strange illness affecting her cat, Mia Mae. However, it was only after taking her to the vet to have her spayed that they finally discovered what was wrong.

According to Sarah, “We took her to the vet to get her spayed or to check if she had already been spayed. It turned out that she hadn’t. When the vets started the procedure, they found out that she had a condition known as pyometra.”

This condition, which is a painful and life-threatening uterine infection, can result in death if left untreated. Thankfully, Mia Mae was able to survive, although it was touch and go for a while.

As Sarah learned from the vets, pyometra can be easily prevented by spaying cats. In fact, the vet told her that Mia Mae was lucky to have survived as long as she did with the infection.

This experience taught Sarah a valuable lesson: spaying and neutering pets is not just about controlling populations. It is also the best thing you can do for your pet’s health and well-being, since it can save their lives in many cases.

Mia Mae’s Amazing Transformation
After undergoing a spaying procedure and being prescribed antibiotics to treat her infection, Mia Mae gradually regained her appetite. Her eating habits went from little bites to consuming up to five cans of food per day! Interestingly, despite being a rescue cat, Mia Mae is choosy about her food and only prefers Fancy Feast and tuna among all other options. Nonetheless, her foster family was happy that she was finally able to eat well without any discomfort.

Now that Mia Mae is pain-free and in good health, she loves spending time playing with her foster family and snuggling on their laps. Sarah, Mia’s foster parent, is delighted to see an entirely new Mia. She describes her as becoming a complete lap cat after her recovery.

Sarah’s rescue cat was aptly named by her three children, and they chose Mia Mae for her. This name suited her personality very well, and whenever someone called her by her name, she would meow in response. According to Sarah, Mia Mae was a very talkative cat and was just adorable. However, Sarah later discovered that the initial skittish and fearful behavior of Mia Mae was not because she was feral, but due to excruciating pain. Nonetheless, Sarah was pleased to see that Mia Mae was doing much better now.

According to Sarah, Mia Mae was initially assumed to be somewhat wild by the shelter, but it turned out that she was just unwell. Now, after regaining her health, Mia Mae is a delightful indoor cat with a quirky hobby – dressing up! However, Mia Mae’s fascination with clothing sometimes surpasses her desire to don them. One of her favorite ensembles includes a miniature sombrero, which she loves posing in and playing with its tassel. Sarah remarked that Mia Mae adores wearing her little hat and relishes the attention she receives while wearing it.

A Beautiful Ending
Mia Mae’s gorgeous looks shine through her healthy transformation with added weight and restored long, smooth fur. Her soft and sweet meows resonate like chimes, as she loves to express her gratitude to her foster parents by constantly chattering away. Mia Mae is on the road to recovery and will soon be ready for her forever home.

Sarah believes that Mia Mae must have had a previous owner due to her kind and gentle nature. Despite posting about her as a lost cat on various Facebook groups, nobody came forward to claim her. However, Sarah remains optimistic that Mia Mae will eventually find the loving home she deserves. In the meantime, she and her family plan to shower her with all the love and attention she craves. Sarah is an animal rescuer who specializes in saving adult and elderly cats in dire circumstances. Unlike other rescuers who may turn down difficult cases, Sarah is dedicated to giving cats a second chance at life. Without Sarah’s help, many cats like Mia Mae would be doomed to suffer a tragic fate.

Sarah’s rescued felines are now flourishing and enjoying their new homes with devoted families who love them dearly! Sarah funds all her rescues herself. Senior and adult cats in critical condition require expensive medical care that necessitates veterinary intervention. If you want to assist Sarah in providing medical care for a rescue cat, click here to donate. Alternatively, if you wish to donate supplies and food directly to Sarah’s Amazon wish list, click here. Every contribution goes towards helping Sarah continue saving lives. To keep up to date with her newest rescue cats, make sure to follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram!

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