A Husky’s Surprising Response During Her Initial Grooming Experience with a Professional

Luna, the young husky, had never experienced a professional grooming session before. Everyone wondered how she would react to it. As huskies are known to be highly dramatic, Vanessa from Girl with The Dogs braced herself as she escorted Luna to the grooming area. Let’s watch and find out what happens next!

When Luna had her first bath, she discovered that she actually enjoyed it and felt at ease. Vanessa took care of her, and Luna was able to relax into her spa day like a pro. Despite being a husky who typically stands during baths, Luna remained quiet throughout the whole process. Vanessa was pleasantly surprised by how well-behaved Luna was during her grooming session.

Vanessa had a smooth sailing first effort at grooming Luna, thanks to the cooperative husky. The furry animal was a delight as it allowed Vanessa to give her a thorough scrub down and rinse without any fuss. Luna even stood still throughout the process, like a well-behaved pup. Vanessa took extra care and applied conditioner and a unique rinse that helped eliminate Luna’s thick undercoat. Luna seemed to relish every moment of the grooming session and didn’t show any signs of discomfort or disinterest, even when large chunks of undercoat were washed away. Her enthusiasm for the grooming was palpable as she waited for the next step with eager anticipation.

Luna, the Husky who Vanessa affectionately called the Unicorn Angel, didn’t have to wait very long before the de-shedding rinse was completed. After that, she patiently stood still for her speed dry spray and remained calm throughout her blowout. Vanessa was impressed with how well-behaved Luna was during the grooming process. She was brushed thoroughly several times to get rid of any remaining undercoat and loose fur, but there was one part of the grooming process that Vanessa was concerned about.

Luna’s owner had to groom her nails and fur on her feet, but Luna was cooperative and only gave a few disapproving licks. Vanessa was grateful that Luna wasn’t dramatic and made the grooming process easy. Luna was a beautiful and well-behaved angel during her first grooming session. We hope you enjoyed watching it and feel free to share this adorable moment with your friends.

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