“A Lucky Rescue: Short-Chained Guard Dog Found Hanging Receives Timely Assistance”

It was a truly saddening sight to witness a severely undernourished dog reach a point of complete exhaustion. Despite her efforts to find a spot to rest on a heap of old cloth, she was hindered by a tight chain that was wrapped around her neck, causing her head to dangle helplessly.

Cala, a poor pooch who had been mistreated, was given a job as a guard dog by a mechanic in San Jose, Costa Rica. However, her supposed caretaker failed to provide her with proper nourishment and did not seek medical attention when she fell ill. This caused Cala’s health to deteriorate over time, making it a struggle for her to keep her head up and breathe. Luckily, neighbors who were worried about her contacted the humane team at Territorio de Zaguates, a renowned local shelter that provides care for thousands of dogs. With time running out, they stepped in to help Cala.

Territorio de Zaguates creator, Lya Battle, was filled with sadness and anger when she first saw Cala’s condition. The initial picture of the dog showed a hopeless and pitiful creature robbed of its dignity, waiting for its never-ending nightmare to come to an end. Cala was quickly rescued by authorities and taken to a veterinarian who treated her emaciation and wounds caused by the tight chain. She found solace in Territorio de Zaguates where she began her journey towards physical and mental healing.

Cala went through some tough procedures to heal her wounds, especially the deep cut caused by years of being tethered with a metal chain around her neck. Despite the pain, Cala understood that love and rewards awaited her after the suffering, so she persisted through each step of her recovery journey. At first, Cala was cautious around other dogs in the facility, making Battle think that she had never encountered them or viewed them as competition. But as time passed, Cala learned to trust her furry companions and the caring humans who supported her.

According to Battle, Cala’s transformation was remarkable. She went from being a frail and hopeless animal to a stronger one who stood up for herself. As time passed, her playful and quirky personality began to shine through. Despite her initial fear of humans, she eventually learned to trust them and even sought out their attention. Unfortunately, Cala’s troubles were not over yet. In June, some cruel individuals broke into the sanctuary and left poisoned sausages, resulting in the deaths of 16 dogs. Cala was one of the animals who had eaten the sausages, but by some miracle, she managed to survive.

According to Battle, when they discovered Cala, she was still breathing. It’s possible that her size allowed her to tolerate the poison, or she may have only ingested a small amount. Despite this, Cala was rescued and survived. She struggled with neurological issues for some time but eventually recovered. Battle believes that there are no coincidences in life and Cala’s survival is a testament to her unbreakable spirit. Even after years of neglect, abuse, starvation, and illness, she persevered and proved that life is worth living. While other dogs at the sanctuary didn’t make it, Cala’s survival was a reflection of her tenacity.

Cala, who is presently living with a foster family, is basking in the abundant love and care she is receiving. Despite being subjected to abuse, torment, and confinement for years, Cala is slowly letting go of her past and embracing her playful nature, which her foster mother warmly welcomes.

“Despite having experienced neglect, torture, and imprisonment, Cala is going through a phase of mischief, akin to that of young puppies, and we’re all happy about it,” remarked Battle. “She’s joyful, resilient, determined, a tad stubborn, and thoroughly pampered by her foster family.”

Having dedicated her life to rescuing dogs, Battle finds Cala’s story incredibly moving. It portrays a great struggle between good and evil, hate and love, where love ultimately emerges victorious. Battle is inspired by this rescue and believes that it is a powerful reminder to never give up. She feels that it strengthens her determination to continue fighting for the welfare of animals, no matter how challenging it may be.

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