“After years of neglect, blind dog used for breeding finally finds a loving home”

Nipa was found in a very critical state, suffering from malnutrition and eye problems. It is highly possible that she was used for breeding and selling her offspring, but those days are now long gone, and she is very happy.

Nina, on the other hand, was discovered in the last moments of her life. This poor pup was apparently used to having puppies and selling them. However, not only did she suffer from separation anxiety, but she was also neglected to the point of being malnourished and having damaged eyes. Fortunately, ThisisHoustop rescued her and took her to the vet, who had to remove her eyes. Although she started off as a sad dog, her temperament eventually changed over time.

This little dog’s luck was finally turning around, but her heart was shattered when she failed the adoption process twice with two different families. However, as the saying goes, “third time’s the charm,” because every story has a happy ending.

A dog was rescued at the last minute. Little Nina was discovered on a bridge in Roseberg, Texas by an animal rescue organization called ThisisHouston. Those who spotted her were too scared to approach her because she was lying still and appeared lifeless. Fortunately, a rescuer was called in to check on her and discovered that she was just extremely tired.

It was clear that Nipa had suffered from advanced mistreatment, her eyes were filled with debris and defects. What surprised them the most was that, although they initially assumed she had been sterilized, upon evaluation, they realized that Nipa had most likely been exploited to bear many offspring. When she fell ill, they chose to discard and leave her on that bridge, thinking it would be a better way to take care of her.

Because the dog was extremely malnourished and ill, her infected eyes had to be removed. In just two months, her life was completely transformed. Her volunteers adored her because her determination and willpower were truly inspiring.

Just like her adoptive family, there was another family who took care of Nina and their love played a crucial role in her waiting and finding success. Despite her stubbornness, they loved her dearly. Discovering the best home for Nina was all that mattered.

This pup has caught the attention of two interested households, but things didn’t work out. Thankfully, she fit in perfectly with her latest foster family, who will be sending her off to her beloved Nipa. Her temporary parents will surely miss her dearly.

It was a tough call for Nina’s adoptive parents to let her go for the third time, yet they still receive regular updates and might even get to foster her puppies soon! Saying goodbye took bravery, but it also means they can save another pup and give them care. We’re all thrilled for Nina. “Happy ever after, little one!” the foundation exclaimed.

Undoubtedly, this is the protection that this dog deserved after enduring so much pain at the hands of people who did not appreciate all the love she was willing to give. It’s important to acknowledge and care for animals who have experienced neglect or abuse, and provide them with a safe and loving environment. We can all play a role in making sure animals are treated with kindness and respect.

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