“Blind Kitten Finds Loving Home with Adoptive Family of Kids, Brings Joyful Christmas Cheer”

The month of December is usually a time for celebration and happiness for many Americans, but it can be a difficult time for abandoned animals. In California, a kitten named Ilene experienced this firsthand when she was thrown away with the trash. However, fate intervened and brought her to the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) thanks to a kind-hearted individual who found her. Despite Ilene’s difficult start in life, her luck was beginning to change. Unfortunately, the OHS was unable to treat her eyes.

The Oregon Humane Society shared that a cat named Ilene was diagnosed with microphthalmia, a rare eye condition that causes abnormally small eyes. The cause of the condition could have been genetic, trauma, or an infection, but what was clear was that it made Ilene completely blind. However, she got a chance to start anew when she was adopted by a loving family who had also adopted children in the past. It was a heartwarming coincidence that her new family had a story just as unique as her own. Though Ilene couldn’t comprehend it, she was now part of an incredibly special family.

Alanna Lundin, a single mother, had been fostering three siblings named Cassandra, Elijah, and Samantha for more than three years. She had developed a strong attachment to them and wished to make them a permanent part of her family. Finally, after enduring a long wait of 1,183 days, Lundin adopted the children in early November. These youngsters were amongst six siblings who had suffered from neglect, with no access to medical care or education. They also lacked basic literacy skills.

Alanna Lundin from the Oregon Humane Society is currently providing a safe and stable environment for children who have undergone traumatic experiences. The family enjoys fostering kittens to provide them with a comfortable experience. Alanna believes that this is a great way to comfort the children considering their past. Recently, Alanna told her kids about Ilene’s story, a kitten that needed a forever home. Her kids were thrilled to help the kitten and offer her a permanent shelter. Alanna believes that her kids empathized with the kitten due to their own past experiences. The family adopted three cats and had space in their hearts and home for one more.

Alanna Lundin and her three children were determined to be the first ones to apply for the adoption of Ilene from the Oregon Humane Society. To make sure they secured their chances, they waited outside the shelter overnight. Their persistence paid off, and Ilene was finally adopted a month after Alanna had adopted the kids. The family was committed to providing Ilene with all the love and care she deserved, and they have succeeded in doing so. She can now enjoy spending Christmas with her new forever family without any worries of being abandoned or suffering on the streets.

With the warm and loving kindness of Alanna and her family, Ilene gradually found a sense of comfort and trust in them. As their relationship grew stronger, she became more at ease and even enjoyed cuddling with her new family members. This was the first time that Ilene experienced genuine love and care without any reservations. It goes to show that being a family is not defined by shared last names or blood, but rather by unconditional commitment and love for one another. If you want to share some holiday cheer, why not pass on this heartwarming story of a Christmas miracle?

Thanks to the Oregon Humane Society, we have these amazing photos taken by Alanna Lundin.

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