Brittany Mahomes stands by her BFF Taylor Swift as she shines as Time’s Person of the Year

Brittany Mahomes, Taylor Swift’s latest close friend, showed her backing for the singer in a low-key way after she was named TIME’s Person of the Year for 2023. In a small but meaningful act, Mahomes demonstrated her admiration for Swift by giving a big thumbs up to all three of the magazine covers the pop star posted on her Instagram feed.

Taylor Swift was quietly supported by her new close friend, Brittany Mahomes , after she was revealed as TIME’s 2023 Person of the Year this week

As Taylor and Brittany’s friendship continues to grow, it has thrived alongside Taylor Swift’s new relationship with Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Reports from TMZ reveal that the successful singer and the 28-year-old mother, who is married to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, hit it off right from the start and even exchanged phone numbers, sparking the start of a true bond between them.

Mahomes celebrated 33-year-old Swift's honor by double tapping to like all three of her magazine covers, which the hitmaker — who's dating football star Travis Kelce — uploaded on her Instagram grid

In a recent Instagram post, Brittany Mahomes shared three snapshots from a football game, cleverly including the pop star in the background. The caption read ‘Game day’ with red and black heart emojis, suggesting a connection and growing relationship between the two.

Swift is the star of the legacy media's special issue, marking her first in-depth interview in four years

Taylor Swift being chosen as TIME’s Person of the Year didn’t just catch Brittany’s attention, it was also praised by the NFL and the Chiefs. They both showed their support on social media by sharing and commenting on a quote from Taylor’s interview. In the article, Taylor talked about how she has recently developed a love for football and admitted that she had been unaware of its appeal for most of her life.

The newly minted billionaire and the 28-year-old mother-of-two, whose husband is Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes, exchanged numbers upon first meeting

The NFL and the Chiefs both showed their excitement, with the official Chiefs’ account jokingly mentioning, ‘We always knew we had that charm.’ Swift’s incredible accomplishment of being the first entertainer to be named Person of the Year in TIME’s 96-year history further solidifies her legacy in the entertainment industry.

Taylor's POTY honor was also acknowledged by the NFL and the Chiefs as both took to social media to share and weigh in on a quote from her interview

The recent TIME profile on Taylor Swift offered a glimpse into her private life, shedding light on her initial comments about her new romance. Swift made a surprising appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game, sparking excitement among fans of both football and music. She continued to support her NFL boyfriend at his games, despite a recent setback on the field.

In a twist that added a bit of mystery, Swift revealed that she and Kelce had kept their relationship hidden for quite some time before going public. This secret period allowed them to cultivate their relationship away from the public eye, leading to their official confirmation as a couple when Swift attended her first game.

The profile delved into Swift's personal life, with the star making the first public statements about her new romance

Taylor Swift’s growing friendship with Brittany Mahomes is a testament to their genuine connection and mutual support. In a world where many public figures are wary of fame, their bond stands out as a heartwarming celebration of personal and professional accomplishments.

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