“Brotherly Love: Feline Duo Stick Together After Being Deserted by Their Owners on Porch”

In Sherwood, Arkansas, a kind-hearted couple regularly fed a group of feral cats in their neighborhood. However, their routine took an unexpected turn when two unfamiliar cats showed up. These cats seemed to have some experience with humans, but they were in terrible shape and appeared weak. The couple immediately took action to help these friendly brother cats, who shared a special bond. Continue reading to find out how they were rescued from a bleak future.

Enigmatic Visitors
For several months, Sarah Richardson had been taking care of a group of feral TNR cats in Sherwood, Arkansas as a member of Community Cats of Central Arkansas. Her daily routine included providing food for the cats, so she knew each of them quite well. However, one day, two unfamiliar felines appeared out of nowhere, leaving Sarah and her husband perplexed.

Sarah noticed that the animals looked quite malnourished and it was clear they were not accustomed to human interaction. Despite this, they seemed quite friendly and Sarah decided to offer them some food. As time went on, she continued to feed them and hoped that they would return so she could take the necessary steps to get them medical attention.

Evaluating the Harm
Sarah accomplished her mission. She managed to catch the cats and brought them back to her place where they could receive love and protection.
After settling in, she gave the grey feline with the folded ear a name – Angus. The black cat was called Midnight.
Without delay, Sarah checked their conditions. She felt sad when she discovered how much agony they had endured for an extended period.

Angus and Midnight were found in a terrible state – dehydrated and plagued by parasites. Their condition was so dire that they could barely move. Midnight was in such a bad shape that Sarah had to carry him around. Fortunately, Sarah stumbled upon them when she did because they wouldn’t have survived for much longer.

Nurturing Touch
The siblings had obvious physical scars from their tough street existence. Angus, in particular, had an ear that was deformed and felt rigid to the touch. After a thorough evaluation, the veterinarian confirmed that the disfigurement was due to an untreated injury. It seemed probable that Angus had been assaulted by a fellow animal, which may have caused a blood clot that ultimately led to abnormal growth and inward folding of his ear tissue.

At first, Midnight appeared to be in good shape, but he was also experiencing a great deal of discomfort due to an injury. Sarah shared that the poor horse had wire embedded beneath his tail, which required careful extraction and treatment to address the resulting infection.

On the journey to recuperation, the siblings wasted no time in receiving medical aid upon their rescue. Thanks to Sarah’s unwavering dedication, they were nursed back to health from a near-fatal state. She diligently administered fluids to the felines and monitored their eating and drinking habits. Not only did they receive treatment for parasites and get vaccinated, but they also underwent neutering procedures.

Angus, a lovable pooch, had been struggling with an ear infection that lasted for almost two weeks. Thankfully, after receiving antibiotics, Angus was soon back to his playful self. Upon regaining their health, Angus and his brother were ready to be adopted. However, Sarah was completely unaware of the secret that these brothers had been keeping from her.

Finally, Sarah found a responsible and caring adopter who instantly fell in love with Angus’s adorable ears. Sarah’s husband travelled to Texas to hand over Angus to his new owner.

When Angus’s new owner observed him wandering around the house and meowing, she assumed that he was simply getting used to his new surroundings. However, after seven days, she began to suspect that something else was bothering him. Consequently, she decided to reach out to Sarah to inquire if such behavior was typical of Angus.

In the meantime, Midnight was wandering around the house making sounds of distress and sadness. Sarah noticed that his behavior had changed abruptly after Angus left, and she soon realized what was going on. “As soon as I found out that Angus was also crying, I understood the situation. They were missing each other. Angus and Midnight are inseparable,” Sarah shared. Although the adopter liked Angus, it was heartbreaking to see the cats suffering without one another. The adopter returned Angus to Sarah, and the brothers were happily reunited!

Angus and Midnight share a unique connection that dates back to their time on the streets. Sarah inquired with the locals about their whereabouts and found out that these feline friends were left behind at a rental property when the tenants vacated. It was apparent that they had been someone’s pets once, which explained their friendly demeanor.

Sarah was informed by the locals that Angus and Midnight, the two brothers, were spotted together on the front porch of the rented house, without leaving each other’s company, day or night. The siblings were left behind by their owners, but they had each other as their companions. It was saddening for Sarah to learn that these adorable dogs were abandoned to face the scorching summer and cold winter seasons, with no food or shelter. Abandoned and scared, the brothers’ lives were in danger until they were finally rescued by Sarah and her husband.

United Forever
After Angus and Midnight were brought back together, Sarah’s doubts were put to rest. It was evident that they had been longing for each other’s company all this time. Sarah expressed her joy, stating that they were now content and in excellent spirits. She insisted that the pair be adopted together and that she would not let them go anywhere without one another, regardless of how long it took to find a suitable home.

Angus and Midnight are waiting for a loving family who will welcome them into their home with open arms. According to Sarah, they are a pair of adorable brothers who love snuggling together. Angus is very affectionate and enjoys being held and petted while Midnight is a talkative sweetheart who loves getting treats. Although it might be challenging to find someone who would adopt two adult cats, Sarah believes these two deserve a forever home together. They have been through so much and have a special bond that needs to be cherished.

Good news finally arrived! Angus and Midnight were adopted by the perfect family who wanted to keep them together. Despite receiving many applications to adopt them separately, Sarah waited until she found the ideal family who would adopt them as a pair. Now, the brothers are living in their dream home where they spend their days cuddling and receiving lots of love and attention from their new family. After all the struggles they faced, Angus and Midnight finally have the life they always deserved.

Sarah Richardson is an animal rescuer in Arkansas who specializes in helping elderly and adult cats with special needs. Without her, Angus and Midnight would have been left to suffer on the streets. Sarah is dedicated to giving a second chance to cats that other rescuers might turn down. She is entirely self-funded and relies on donations from kind-hearted individuals in the community to continue her rescue missions.

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