Bully, the senior rescue dog, celebrates his 23rd birthday with a pawsome party

Bully, the oldest dog in a rescue, received a unique celebration for his 23rd birthday. Born in 1999, Bully has seen significant events like the introduction of the first iPhone and the growth of social media, but as a Chihuahua, he is unlikely to remember any of it.

At the ripe age of 23, the little pooch was in for a memorable celebration thrown by his devoted owners. Bully had spent the majority of his long life with a doting family that showered him with love and attention as he frolicked outdoors and took leisurely strolls in the park. However, when his previous owner could no longer provide the care he needed, the senior furball was taken in by The Mr. Mo Project, an organization dedicated to rescuing elderly dogs, spearheaded by Chris Hughes and his spouse.

The previous owner of Bully described him as a small dog with a big personality, and despite being old, he hasn’t lost his spunk. Hughes mentioned that Bully is full of life, playful, caring, self-reliant, calm, and has a deep, gruff bark, which is typical of an older dog. The elderly pup still enjoys roughhousing with one of their other Chihuahuas.

As Bully grows older, he requires more sleep than a regular puppy. According to Hughes, Bully cherishes his sleep and deserves the right to nap whenever he feels like it. His sleeping spots are diverse and can range from the kitchen floor to a pee pad or even the coziest bed in the house. The Hughes family went all out for Bully’s birthday, decking out their home to celebrate him. They made sure to include two of his favorite things – treats and naps. Due to his limited teeth, they bought soft biscuits and crushed them up so that Bully could enjoy them. The perfect gift for this senior pup is simply a good night’s rest.

Hughes makes sure that the elderly dogs under their care feel loved and valued by organizing special events for them. These celebrations are held to commemorate various occasions, such as completing cancer treatments, birthdays, adoptions, and even Christmas in July if needed. According to Hughes, it’s essential to recognize the positive things in their home, considering the many challenges they face.

Thanks to the Hughes family, Bully can look forward to many more celebrations in his future. After all, he’s only 23 and has plenty of life ahead of him to enjoy!

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