Canine Greeting Committee: Meet The Dog Who Pops His Head Out Of His Mailbox To Say Hi

Meet Rigby, an adorable and friendly puppy who enjoys observing his surroundings. He resides with his family in a house that sees plenty of foot traffic from both humans and their furry companions. Rigby is always excited to make new acquaintances and is quick to offer a friendly hello to anyone who passes by. Fortunately, he can easily stick his cute little head out through the mailbox built into the house to say hi to his neighbors.

Ever since Rigby was just a young pup, he’s been fond of the mailbox. It opens up into the hallway, and back then, he could easily squeeze his entire body inside. Courtney Poole, his owner, shared that she and her husband used to pass him through the mailbox.

As Rigby turns 1 year old, he has outgrown the space of being able to fit his entire body inside the mailbox slot. However, his head is just the right size and height for him to stick it out through the opening. This funny sight is loved by everyone in the neighborhood, and many people stop by to appreciate the humorous view. The only one who was not thrilled about Rigby’s new peephole was the mailman. He was surprised when he opened the mailbox and found Rigby’s face staring back at him.

The traditional notion of dogs being hostile towards mailmen might have made Rigby a little anxious, but things have changed for the better. Rigby and the mailman now share a cordial bond that is heartening to witness. Rigby’s presence in the community has brought much happiness and positivity, and it would be wonderful if other mailboxes had the pleasure of experiencing such adorable surprises.

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