Compassionate Struggle: A Heartwarming Tale of Conflict and Care for a Stray Dog with an Enlarged Belly

In Chadara town of Lahore, a dog was spotted and the residents presumed that she was expecting puppies.

Upon viewing the videos, the veterinarians were quick to determine that the dog was not pregnant and required immediate rescue. The canine’s abdomen seemed to have accumulated a significant amount of fluid, possibly due to liver or kidney issues, however, definitive diagnosis cannot be made without conducting scans and tests.

The situation is critical and the poor dog is in a lot of pain. As time passes by, she’s becoming increasingly inactive and her condition is deteriorating. The medical tests like x-rays, blood tests and fluid analysis have been completed and the people who are trying to help are anxiously waiting for the results. Currently, they’re taking measures to drain all the fluid from her stomach. It’s a heart-wrenching situation.

The fluid buildup in her body has gotten pretty bad, filling up around 10 liters. It’s causing her bones to show through, which is really painful and upsetting. But when they finally drain the fluid, she feels so much better that she usually falls asleep right away. She’s been suffering for months, but at least now she’ll finally be able to get some peaceful rest.

The veterinarian informed us that they will stay with her at the clinic and monitor her closely. They said that the situation is improving, but they will continue to keep us informed of any progress.

The adorable pup was given the name Fufy by her rescuers. Thankfully, she’s on the road to recovery and thriving. Making new friends and playing has aided in her healing process and helped her overcome the trauma she endured as a stray dog. It’s heartwarming to see her become a playful puppy once again, especially considering all the hardships she’s faced. She deserves nothing but a joyous and content life from here on out.

We appreciate everyone who came out to show their support! It was heartwarming to see everyone come together in love and unity.

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