Courageous Husky Discovers a Trove of Kittens in the Woods and Becomes their Foster Parent

Brave Husky Found A Box Full Of Kittens In The Forest And Adopted Them

The courageous Husky named Banner stumbled upon a box filled with kittens while wandering in the forest, and decided to take them under her wing. Not only is Banner devoted to helping her owner, Whitney Braley, who has a handicap, but she also has a soft spot for rescuing and nurturing other creatures. She truly has a heart of gold.

Whitney has been the proud owner of a Husky pup for three years now, whom she has named Banner. Over time, Whitney has taught her furry companion various tasks that can help both Whitney and others in need. According to Whitney, Banner is trained to be on alert for PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, guidework, momentum pull, medicine retrieval, self-harm interruption, and other related tasks.

My friend is always surrounded by cute little kittens, and we often find ourselves rescuing them. I remember when I found my very first abandoned kitten in a ditch two years ago. Banner, my friend, took care of her and she’s still with us today. Since then, she has raised many different litters of kittens. But recently, she came across a new challenge that she hasn’t experienced before.

The distressing discovery left her heartbroken. She stumbled upon a tightly sealed cardboard box amidst the woods, containing seven helpless newborn kittens. The poor creatures were only a day old and shivering from the cold. Whitney was informed by Banner and immediately rushed to the location. With utmost care and concern, she gently took out each kitten from the box.

Whitney, who was interviewed by Metro, believes that somebody had cruelly stuffed the kittens into a cardboard box and left them to die by locking the lid tightly. She also added that Banner had discovered the freezing kittens, who weren’t even meowing at the time, and she couldn’t figure out how he had located them. The heartless act of leaving these defenseless animals to perish disgusts Whitney, and she finds it extremely callous and dreadful.

Banner has become a devoted mother figure to the kittens, sticking by their side since their arrival. According to Whitney, who shared the heartwarming story with Bored Panda, Banner was spayed at 1.5 years old but has shown an incredible maternal instinct towards the kittens. Whitney intends to find loving and suitable homes for the kittens where they will be adored and cared for indefinitely. Due to the high risk of the local shelter euthanizing animals within three days, Whitney often takes it upon herself to foster newborns, ensuring they have a chance at life and a loving home.

“I’m ecstatic that the kittens now have loving homes, all thanks to Banner. Her unwavering dedication towards helping animals is truly heroic and heartwarming.” Banner’s Instagram and Facebook pages have thousands of supporters who can follow the kitties’ progress updates, making her a beloved figure in the animal welfare community.

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