Courageous Pup Discarded in Trash Bin Receives a Loving Forever Home Filled with Joyful Affection

Chi Chi, a beloved canine, had to face a life-threatening situation where she lost most of her limbs. However, this was not the end of her story. She proved to be a fighter and went on to triumph over her severe wounds. Moreover, she was recognized for her tremendous efforts and affectionate nature as she became a therapy dog. Her remarkable journey eventually led her to be titled “American Hero Dog” by American Humane in 2018.

Before we dive into Chi Chi’s story, it’s crucial to understand the hardships she faced. Sadly, the beginning of her life was nothing short of a nightmare. In 2016, Chi Chi was discovered in a dumpster in South Korea, abandoned and left for dead. To make matters even worse, she was found in a garbage bag with her limbs tied together with wire, which had begun to eat away at her skin. Fortunately, Animal Rescue, Media & Education learned of a potential meat farm where Chi Chi was located through the Nabiya Irion Hope Project, a local animal welfare organization. It was pure luck that they were able to save this scared and injured pup.

Chi Chi, a rescued dog, had to undergo amputation surgery for all four of her limbs above the paw, after receiving treatment at the hospital. Following this, Chi Chi needed extensive rehabilitation and custom-designed prosthetic limbs to learn how to walk again. After discovering Chi Chi through a video shared by ARME, Elizabeth Howell from Arizona was immediately drawn to the brave dog and decided to take her into her home. Despite being amputated at different heights, Chi Chi overcame the challenge of being fitted for prostheses with a little trial and error, and was soon up and moving around faster than expected. Photos of Chi Chi’s journey can be found on Instagram under the username “chichirescuedog”.

According to a statement from American Humane, people are inspired by Chi Chi’s bravery, determination, and positive attitude despite facing adversity. The rescued dog is a symbol of resilience and forgiveness, and her loving and compassionate nature touches many hearts. After recovering from her injuries, Chi Chi became a therapy dog and has been visiting assisted-living facilities, veterans, youth, and amputees, spreading love and kindness wherever she goes.

According to Howell, Chi Chi was a true blessing from God. After being awarded the Hero Dog title, she remarked that Chi Chi inspired them never to give up and abundantly shared her love with everyone she met. Chi Chi’s presence made a positive impact on many lives, showcasing traits like perseverance, love, and compassion. However, in March 2018, Chi Chi was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her nasal cavity, which ultimately led to her passing in February 2019. Despite this tragedy, Chi Chi’s legacy remains an inspiration to many. You can learn more about her incredible rescue, life story, and legacy by watching the video below. Don’t hesitate to share her story with your loved ones!

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