“Crafty Dad Constructs Custom Snow Dens for Arctic-Loving Husky in Need of Rescue”

Amanda Killen and her partner Phil were on the lookout for a new dog to add to their family. They visited a person who was rehoming older dogs, hoping to find a suitable match. However, they weren’t prepared for what they saw when they met Sakari. It was evident that she had faced many challenges in her life. Sakari had spent most of her days cooped up in a small kennel with 40 other dogs. As a puppy, she was sold to a well-known breeder, which meant that playing outside and enjoying the fresh air were things of the past.

In December 2021, when Killen and Phil paid a visit to the breeder, authorities were already investigating the matter. Fortunately, the remaining dogs at the mill were rescued shortly after their visit, thanks to the efforts of the New Brunswick SPCA. The breeder presented them with Sakari, the first dog they were shown. Sakari immediately lay down on her back in a submissive state, and Killen and Phil knew right away that she was the perfect fit for them.

Sakari may have been timid and apprehensive at first, but she quickly warmed up to Killen and showered her with affection. Killen recalls the moment when they decided to take Sakari home with them. As soon as she opened the back hatch of her vehicle, Sakari eagerly leaped in. It was then that Killen realized that Sakari was meant to be their soulmate. Despite being new to their home, Sakari displayed an immense amount of love and trust towards them.

Upon arriving at her new home, Sakari was initially quite anxious. However, once she realized that she was finally in a safe and secure environment, her personality underwent a significant transformation, and she has since become much happier. Although she still remains highly alert to any changes within the household, even small alterations such as the repositioning of furniture or the introduction of new items can provoke anxiety in her. Loud noises and rapid movements also tend to unsettle her, and she is often somewhat cautious around unfamiliar adults. Nevertheless, she has proven to be excellent with children and other animals, and is particularly fond of taking care of her new baby.

Sakari has two major passions in life – her father and snow. According to Killen, Sakari formed an instant connection with Phil when she arrived home and often seeks comfort from him during times of distress. However, their shared love for playing in the snow is what truly solidified their bond. One day, Phil began placing snow on top of Sakari and burying her, to which she responded by staying put and enjoying the cold sensation. Killen believes that Sakari would have spent the entire day in the snow if she could!

Regrettably, the winter in New Brunswick was not ideal for snowfall last year, so Phil was unable to construct another snow fort for Sakari. However, Sakari still enjoyed the snow by rolling around in it and burying her face in the little snow that did fall. Fortunately, Sakari’s parents are very loving and spoil her in various other ways, such as with cuddles, treats, a cozy bed, and the freedom to be either indoors or outdoors in her fenced-in yard. According to Killen, Sakari’s favorite spot is behind the couch, where she can snuggle up in her bed and be close to her humans while avoiding foot traffic.

Husky in the snow

According to Killen, Sakari has made tremendous progress from her breeding days, but it required a significant amount of time, dedication, and patience from both herself and Phil to earn the dog’s complete trust and make her feel at home. Even though rescuing dogs is not always a simple task as some may display destructive behavior or suffer from extreme separation anxiety, the love and affection they offer once they overcome their challenges are immeasurable. Killen expressed her satisfaction in witnessing the transformation of rescued dogs as they open up and realize that there is no need to be afraid or anxious anymore.

Sakari is finally living the life she truly deserves, full of love, family, and endless snow.

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