Creating a Cosy Cat Sanctuary: The Woman Who Built A Special Ladder For Strays To Keep Warm During Cold Days

In Turkey, during an abnormally cold winter season four years ago, a kind-hearted woman named Sebnem Ilhan saw the plight of homeless cats shivering in the cold and devised a clever solution to help them. She constructed a ladder that led up to her home so that the cats could find refuge inside. Ilhan, who works as a dentist in Tekirdag, transformed her residence into a warm haven for the felines. She initially added some decorations to her windows to avoid complaints from her neighbors but was pleasantly surprised by the positive response. Many kittens have since used the cat ladder to seek comfort and warmth in her home. Besides this, Ilhan also volunteers at a local animal rescue center where she helps take care of stray dogs and cats. Her only wish is that all animals could be happy and healthy, just like people.

She constructed a ladder specifically for her feline friend that allows it to climb up and enter her dwelling.

“I constructed a ladder to provide easy access for my feline companions to enter my cozy abode.”

Ilhan was uncertain about her neighbors’ response to the extension of her house, therefore, she incorporated some embellishments to the structure.

“I figured placing some planters in that area wouldn’t be a nuisance to anyone.”

“Fortunately, the feedback has been overwhelmingly favorable, especially among the many feline fans…”

“Individuals who have availed themselves of the opportunity to rest in a cozy spot that she provided.”

Ilhan has shown her love for animals through different approaches such as constructing a unique tool called ‘cat ladder’.

Additionally, the lady volunteers her spare time to a nearby animal shelter where she nurtures abandoned canines and felines.

She expressed her desire for all animals to be content and never suffer from hunger or thirst. She firmly believes that the world was not created solely for human beings.

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