“Embracing Uniqueness: The Inspiring Story of a Special Needs Cat with a ‘Sad Face'”

Introducing Toby, a remarkable feline who is proving to everyone that uniqueness is a beautiful thing! With his congenital collagen defect caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), Toby has a distinct appearance that sets him apart from the rest.
His condition, also referred to as feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA), affects his skin’s structure, appearance, and collagen levels, causing his skin to appear saggy and wrinkly due to its limited elasticity. Despite his unusual looks, Toby continues to inspire people around the world with his resilience and loving personality.

Georgina and Christopher became aware of Toby and his situation when they stumbled upon his photo on the RSPCA’s website back in 2018. Prior to this, they had never come across the term EDS, but they were determined to provide Toby with a warm and loving home. Toby, who was six years old at the time, was up for adoption along with his brother Quinton, who was seven years old and had lost all of his teeth. The couple felt an instant connection with Toby and couldn’t wait to welcome him into their family.

Georgina shared that she stumbled upon the photos of the charming feline brothers on the RSPCA website and instantly felt a connection with them. She and her fiancé, Christopher, had been grieving over the passing of their beloved Herbie, but they knew it was time to welcome a new furry friend into their home. So, off they went to meet the adorable duo in person at the RSPCA. As soon as they laid eyes on each other, Georgina and Christopher were smitten, but the brothers were understandably hesitant to warm up to strangers.

Toby cowered behind Quinton, visibly shaking. Georgina and Christopher understood that gaining the trust of these two would not be an easy task, but one they were determined to accomplish. The couple decided to adopt the inseparable duo and warmly welcomed them into their home. Georgina fondly recalled how on the car ride back, Quinton extended his paw towards Toby’s carrier, indicating the strength of their bond. As anticipated, the initial days were challenging, with Toby and Quinton displaying visible anxiety and reluctance.

The siblings felt afraid, but found solace in facing the changes together. They mostly stayed under the bed, sticking close to one another. Georgina and Christopher showered them with love and kindness, determined to reassure the cats that they were protected and cared for.

The efforts of the pair have proven to be fruitful! Over time, Toby and Quinton have gained courage and self-assurance in their fresh abode. They didn’t take much time to exhibit their true personalities. However, Toby is susceptible to injuries while engaging in activities like playing with his sibling or self-grooming, because of his fragile skin.

Quinton has always been aware of his brother’s unique requirements and needs. Whenever they play, Quinton takes extra care to keep his claws retracted to ensure that Toby doesn’t get hurt in any way. In addition to spending time with his loving parents, Toby enjoys sunbathing, chirping at birds, and getting belly rubs! It’s been a full four years since Toby joined his forever family, and he is thriving in their care, healthy, happy, and showered with love. However, it came as a great shock to the family when Quinton crossed the rainbow bridge last year after fighting a tough battle with cancer.

During his last few weeks, Quinton was able to do what he enjoyed the most – hanging out with his brother and closest friend, Toby. This tragic event left Georgina and Christopher heartbroken, as they now have an empty space in their hearts that used to be filled by Quinton. However, even though Quinton is no longer physically present, his memory lives on and is cherished by his family.

In memory of Quinton, the family decided to welcome Leo, a new feline member, into their home. It turns out that Leo shares something in common with their previous cat, Toby – both have EDS! Despite initial concerns, the two cats have been living together harmoniously for two years now. While no cat can ever replace Quinton, the family is grateful for the joy and love that Leo has brought into their lives since they opened their hearts and home to him.

This unique family has won the admiration of people worldwide. Currently, they enjoy a massive following of over 221,000 on Instagram. Georgina and Christopher are passionate about sharing their experiences with their special cats to promote the adoption of special needs cats and encourage others to follow suit.

Georgina emphasizes that cats with special needs are equally deserving of love as any other feline. According to her, there is no extra effort required to adore them. She adds that despite their unique conditions, these cats possess their own extraordinary characteristics, preferences, and affectionate nature. For more glimpses into Toby and his family’s life, check out their Instagram page!

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