Feline Finds Unlikely Heroes: Stray Cat’s Life Transformed by Determined Humans

A wandering cat stumbled upon a group of persistent individuals who refused to abandon him, ultimately transforming his existence.

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Appa (who is now called Sir Lewis) was found by Radia and her mother as they were driving home one rainy day. They noticed the cat wandering on the side of the road, looking wet, cold, and exhausted. Being just a few feet away from their house, Radia got out of their car to check on the feline while her mother quickly grabbed a carrier. However, Appa was too scared to come out of hiding and sought refuge under a nearby vehicle.

With some persistence and enticing treats, Appa finally emerged from his hiding spot. He was too hungry to resist the food and slowly warmed up to Radia and her mother’s kindness. From that day on, Appa became known as Sir Lewis, and he has found a forever home with his loving rescuers.

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On a day with heavy rain, the feline was discovered outdoors. Following its discovery, it was transported to a veterinary clinic for a thorough assessment. Fortunately, the cat was brought to an ideal location at precisely the right moment. In Kuwait, Radia and her family, including her mother and sister Zahraa, operate Sheeta and Co, a small animal rescue organization that relies on volunteers to assist strays in their region.

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Appa, a feline, received medical attention for his eye and ear issues. Despite attempts to locate his owner through a microchip, nobody came forward to claim him. Zahraa noted that Appa’s fur appeared oily and dusty, and he seemed anxious due to his time living on the streets. Unfortunately, pet abandonment is common in Kuwait, so Appa’s situation was not entirely unexpected.

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The family welcomed Appa into their humble abode with open arms. The feline was quite subdued, often closing his eyes for extended periods. In addition, he seemed uninterested in grooming himself or engaging in playtime activities. Appa remained rooted in one spot for days on end, but did respond positively to affection and would purr contentedly when given attention.

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After braving the harsh realities of life on the streets, Appa appeared worn out. However, his spirits were lifted by the kindness of strangers who provided him with much-needed massages and a comb that brought him joy. As he gradually adjusted to his new surroundings, Appa began seeking love and attention from those around him, finding solace in safety, comfort, and reassurance.

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Sheeta and Co collaborates with rescue organizations in the United States to provide a better life for cats like Appa. One of their partners, City Kitties DC, generously offered a helping hand. Jen (@pokeypotpie), a foster volunteer from the organization, took in Appa under her wing.

Appa, accompanied by Harvey, another rescued cat, traveled across the ocean to reach his new temporary home. Being in the company of an active playmate brought out Appa’s playful side and rekindled his kitten spirit. Eventually, he became ready to move on and find a permanent home of his own.

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Upon stumbling upon a post about Appa, Alyson was immediately smitten with the adorable pup. She diligently tracked his journey from Kuwait to DC and wasted no time applying to adopt him once he became available for adoption. Alyson fondly recounted her experience to Love Meow, expressing her deep affection for the charming little fellow.

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As soon as we saw him, I felt a connection. Appa just seemed to fit right in with us. Alyson stroked his face, and he purred contentedly, melting into her arms. We knew he was the one for us. A mere seven days later, Appa – now known as Sir Lewis – joined our household. He wasted no time making himself at home and soon claimed the entire place as his domain.

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Sir Lewis loves being in the company of his people and makes sure to stay close to them. Whenever he receives affection, he responds by purring and even laying down on the floor to bask in all the love. During his nap time, he likes to curl up next to his humans while keeping his paw in contact with them. It’s clear that Sir Lewis cherishes the bond he shares with his loved ones.

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When he’s not snoozing, Sir Lewis likes to indulge in a good cheek scratch. He’s also quite the athlete, playing a game that resembles soccer with a tennis ball. In the office, he’s always ready to lend a paw, whether it’s by taking over the big chair or simply lying on a laptop. And let’s not forget his impressive belly trap skills – he’s truly a master of the art.

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Observing the development of his personality has been an incredible experience. Sir Lewis, a cute and affectionate little feline, enjoys playing and chasing toys. He is also quite insistent when it comes to his meals, as Alyson is greeted every morning by his cranky meowing and food bowl demands.

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Alyson expressed her happiness that despite Sir Lewis’ health problems, they are able to provide him with the life and attention he deserves. Thanks to the efforts of rescuers and numerous volunteers, Sir Lewis is now living a fulfilling life with the family he has always wanted.

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