Feline Mama Goes Extraordinary Lengths to Shield Her Kittens, Melts Hearts with Endearing Transformation After Finding a Home

When a kind soul opened their home to help, a mother cat who had been previously guarding her kittens became extremely loving. She had been lying on top of her babies to protect them before this act of kindness.

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In search of a secure shelter, a stray cat brought her four kittens to a resident’s garage last month. However, they were later handed over to an animal shelter as they needed a foster home. The shelter sought help from local rescues, but it was only when Liberation Cat House made a final plea that Larissa Dub, an ER doctor who volunteers for the organization, stepped up. According to Larissa, the shelter had mentioned that the mother cat was not allowing their staff to handle her or her babies, and would often lay on top of them to protect them.

cat mom hugs kittens

Larissa, also known as @larissadubz on social media, created a cozy space for Sequoia, a cat mother, to raise her kittens with ease. The room was equipped with an abundance of nutritious food and soft blankets to ensure their comfort. According to Larissa, Sequoia and her kittens deserved a second chance at life. Upon arrival at the shelter, Larissa was unsure how Sequoia would react to her touching the kittens.

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According to Larissa, when she took the cat from the shelter in her carrier, it appeared to be calm and did not show any hostility. Upon arriving at her house, she opened the carrier in their designated foster bedroom, and the cat immediately showed affection by rubbing against her.

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As soon as Sequoia, along with her babies, was out of the kennel, there was a noticeable shift in her behavior, as mentioned by Larissa on her Twitter handle @larissadubz. The change was evident from the expression on her face, which transformed from cautiousness to pure happiness upon realizing that she no longer had to stay locked up. This new living space made her feel secure and protected. She knew that she and her young ones were safe now.

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Larissa, who goes by the username @larissadubz on social media, shared a heartwarming experience with her followers. She recently took Sequoia, a sweet and caring mama cat, on a tour of her new space. During the tour, Sequoia surprised Larissa by bringing out one of her kittens from her carrier. Sequoia then proceeded to carry the kitten over to Larissa and placed it gently on her lap, as if seeking her approval.

Larissa couldn’t help but gush over Sequoia’s affectionate nature and how caring she is with her babies. According to Larissa, Sequoia is the sweetest cat she has ever fostered and loves to rub up against humans. She also enjoys using the scratch pad given to her.

Overall, Larissa’s encounter with Sequoia and her kitten was a beautiful reminder of the love and kindness that cats are capable of showing towards humans.

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Sequoia has been showering the kittens (all male) with complete attention and love, which has led to their remarkable growth and development. Their inquisitiveness and playful nature have soared as they scamper around, climbing onto anything that comes within their reach.

Larissa’s voice is like music to their ears and they eagerly flock towards her for snuggles and affection. “It’s delightful to see them greet me with their adorable squeaks whenever I visit them.”

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Meet Sequoia, a delightful kitten who is full of life and energy. At just under a year old, this adorable feline is super affectionate and loves to play. She is also quite chatty and will happily engage in conversations with her human companions. Sequoia is particularly fond of chin scratches and head kisses, and is more than happy to be picked up and held.

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Larissa, also known as @larissadubz on social media, has a kitten named Smokey who is a tuxedo cat. Unfortunately, Smokey was born with a congenital abnormality and is missing a hind foot. However, this doesn’t seem to faze him at all as he still plays and roughhouses with his siblings Bryce, Rainier, and Zion without any issue. Smokey is a true inspiration for showing that disabilities don’t have to hold you back.

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Larissa, a cat lover, shared a heartwarming story about Sequoia and her kittens named Rainier, Smokey, Bryce, and Zion. Sequoia showed great maternal instincts by keeping her kittens safe while they were outside, and even brought them to the garage in search of a secure place to raise them. The good news is that they are now doing well in their foster home and enjoying every moment of it.

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Larissa, also known as @larissadubz, has a special place in her heart for all of her beloved kittens. Soon, these cute little furballs will be up for adoption and Larissa hopes that each one of them will find a forever home filled with love and care.

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Username: larissadubz

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