“Feline Relaxation: Cat Enjoys “Piano Hammer Massage” While Owner Plays Festive Tunes”

Listening to piano music can have several benefits such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, uplifting mood, enhancing creativity, and improving sleep quality. Interestingly, a cat owner has noticed that his feline companion falls asleep every time he plays the piano, proving that he is indeed a talented pianist. Cats also provide therapeutic benefits with their purring, which can help alleviate depression. Thầy Minh, a renowned Vietnamese pianist with a large following on YouTube, seems to have found the perfect combination of both piano and cat to lead a doubly happy life.

Thầy Minh, a popular Vietnamese Youtuber, added some festive cheer to the holiday season by playing a selection of Christmas carols on the piano. What makes his videos unique is that he performs with his cat, Haburu, sleeping inside the piano. Haburu can be seen snuggled up with a mini Santa Claus toy and wearing a festive hat while Thậy Minh plays some beautifully covered classical Christmas songs. It’s a purr-fectly delightful way to spread holiday joy!

These videos of Haburu are simply too cute! The feline sometimes uses his little paw beans to show his owner how to properly play. It’s clear that the kitty is feeling relaxed as he looks content amidst the festive Christmas decor. Thầy Minh and his fluffy cat Haburu have become quite popular on Youtube, with nearly 500K followers who adore the cat and owner’s piano skills. As one scrolls through their profile, it’s easy to see that Haburu loves lounging by the piano, often perched on a hammer.

To provide you with some insight, let me explain how the hammer in a piano operates. As you press down on a key, the hammer linked to that key rises and strikes the string (or strings) associated with that note, causing the strings to vibrate and create sound. The energy from the vibrating strings is then transferred to the soundboard via a component known as a “bridge” that is fastened to the top of the soundboard.
It’s worth noting that the channel’s most well-known videos feature Thầy performing delightful Christmas tunes.

It’s no surprise that Haburu loves listening to piano music while getting a massage. Thầy Minh often shares videos of himself playing the most beautiful melodies for his viewers, and he even has a special reviewer in Haburu who evaluates each performance.

At the same time, the feline is leisurely relaxing in the piano while relishing the sound of music and the joyful atmosphere.

Every now and then, he craves some human interaction and seeks a little bit of attention.



However, the majority of its time is spent in a tranquil slumber.

To delve deeper into their musical realm, take a look at their Youtube channel. You’ll find an abundance of incredible performances by Thầy Minh that you can indulge in. The piano isn’t exclusively for relaxation and slumber, it can also double up as a hunger-inducing alarm! Learn more about it here.
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