“From Abandoned to Adored: A Heartwarming Tale of a Cop’s Rescue and Adoption of a Lonely Dog”

In a public park in Bloomington, Indiana, there was a stray boxer-pit bull mix. The poor dog was in a bad state as it had been left by its owner, was hungry, and injured. Those who came across the dog felt heartbroken and immediately called for help from the local sheriff’s office.

In a matter of minutes, Jeff’s significant other, Rosie Ahlberg, was behind the wheel driving home with their beloved pooch, Daisy, comfortably seated in the back. Alas, the animal shelter was closed for the day, and Daisy had nowhere to go. The couple then consented to providing a temporary abode for the pup by letting her stay with them for the night.

Once Ahlberg was able to, she brought Daisy to the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control facility where they tended to her injuries and discovered a host of other problems. Along with cuts and burns, Daisy had a damaged ACL, meniscus, and patella – likely the result of years of emotional stress. Despite being only a few years old, Daisy had already been through four different owners before being found by Ahlberg. The previous owner claimed that Daisy had been struck by a car in April and was no longer wanted.

Ahlberg and Ripley seized the opportunity to express their affection for Daisy. Ahlberg mentioned that Jeff has a fondness for animals, which was the perfect opportunity for them to add another member to their family. The couple already had a rescue dog and two cats, so adopting a third one was a significant decision.

The couple decided to adopt the dog after seeing how easily she bonded with their other furry companions. They wanted to give her the chance to experience love and a comfortable home environment.

It didn’t take Daisy much time to settle into her new abode. Despite being only a few weeks old, she’s already accustomed to cuddles and isn’t startled by loud sounds. Additionally, she gets along famously with the other pets.
Ahlberg shared, “Though there’s less space on the bed, Daisy is such an amazing dog that she deserves it.”

According to Ahlberg, every morning as she leaves for school, she notices Daisy with her head pressed against the bedroom window. Even though Daisy has recently moved to a new home, she seems to have adjusted quite well and has shown a lot of affection towards her family.

Even though Daisy’s condition is getting better, she still requires surgical intervention to address her injuries.

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