From Farm to Tech: The Unlikely Journey of a Corgi

Meet this corgi: a hard-working pup whose daily grind might surprise you. Instead of herding cattle, he clocks in at a tech company in Silicon Valley. His schedule is pretty packed, starting with a 8:30 a.m. wake-up call, followed by a quick potty break and breakfast. By 9:00 a.m., he’s already on his way to work at a San Francisco-based office.

The adorable urban pup featured in this YouTube screenshot is not your typical farm dog. Instead, he spends his days on city streets, catching public transportation, and enjoying the attention of passersby. Despite his urban lifestyle, he manages to keep his office running like clockwork, taking the bus to work and making a few pit stops along the way. By 10:00 am, he’s at his desk, ready to tackle important tech-related tasks.

The furry little guy in the picture has a pretty relaxed workday. He spends some time playing with his owner’s pets, keeping an eye on the break room, and investigating the laptop. When he’s not busy, he likes to take a few naps.

At lunchtime, he heads over to his coworkers to plead for some delicious treats. Then, he dozes off during meetings until it’s time for a much-needed coffee break. He takes a short walk to his preferred coffee shop to enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and a creamy treat. Of course, he also needs to make a quick stop to take care of business.

After a lovely break outdoors, it’s time to get back to the grind. This time, our furry friend takes on the important responsibility of holding down the couch and demanding some well-deserved belly rubs. Despite all the napping, there’s still energy left for some office shenanigans and playful Zoom sessions.
Finally, the long-awaited clock strikes 5 pm and it’s time to head home. The commute takes a little while, but it’s worth it because our hardworking companion can finally unwind and indulge in a delicious meal and some much-needed playtime.

At the end of a long day, it’s time for our furry friend to hit the sack. However, before retiring for the night, there’s one last toilet trip at 10:30 pm. Lights out is at 11:00 pm sharp because being the office corgi is no easy feat and requires a well-rested pup. This routine repeats itself every day, and not all dogs are cut out for such a demanding job. Yet, this good boy excels at his role and brings happiness to everyone in the workplace, including his generous owners who let us share in his charm.

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