Gentle Giant’s Heartwarming Journey from Abandonment to Hope

During his routine dog walking session in Prospect Park, Eric Maus, a dedicated dog walker, stumbled upon a solitary and magnificent dog. Tied to a tree, the pit bull awaited company, accompanied by a heartfelt note.

The handwritten message appealed, “Take me home. I’m a great dog. I’m 7 years old. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m sweet.”

Approaching with his two other furry companions, Gouda and Lily, Eric noticed that the pit bull remained motionless. Her gentle nature radiated, proving the sincerity behind the note’s words.

Driven by compassion, the dog walker knew he couldn’t leave her in such a vulnerable position. Mamas, as Eric would later call her, had been abandoned by an owner who seemingly cared for her to some extent. Recognizing that Prospect Park was no place for a dog to be alone, Eric turned to the power of social media for guidance and support.

Posting a photo of Mamas on a neighborhood Facebook page, Eric sought advice and assistance. Almost instantly, responses flooded in from caring individuals. A kind-hearted Good Samaritan met Eric and Mamas by the tree, organizing transportation outside the park to Sean Casey Animal Rescue, a nearby shelter with an available kennel.

Together, they cautiously led Mamas out of the park, mindful of her size and a potential bladder infection that impeded her mobility. Loading her into the vehicle, they embarked on the journey to the rescue. Upon arrival, Mamas displayed a newfound sense of ease, as if she instinctively recognized her newfound safety and security.

Mamas now awaits a clean bill of health and the mandatory stray hold period at the shelter. Once these requirements are fulfilled, she will be ready to embark on her journey towards a forever home.

In the meantime, Mamas rejoices in the knowledge that she is out of the park and surrounded by a compassionate community. Eric firmly believes that whoever has the privilege of adopting this sweet girl will gain an extraordinary companion, as Mamas truly embodies the qualities of an amazing pet.

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