Happy Pittie Mama: Rescued from the Streets, Delighted by a Day of Pampering

Upon her arrival at Carter Cifelli’s residence located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Poppy appeared to have gone through a great deal. She seemed heavily pregnant, worn-out, and covered in dirt. Cifelli commented that she appeared to have an unpleasant cough, was malnourished, and required urgent attention. Evidently, wherever she had been before, Poppy did not receive adequate care. Therefore, Cifelli realized that Poppy required an immediate outpouring of affection.

According to Cifelli, Poppy, who he fostered, was very affectionate and trusting despite having just met. Poppy had likely not been given much reason to trust humans in the past due to her situation. Cifelli observed that Poppy was very tired since she was ill and expecting. Therefore, she quickly settled into her new surroundings and seemed grateful for being in a clean and safe environment. Poppy would wag her tail and enjoyed being spoken to lovingly.

In just a short span of less than 48 hours at Cifelli’s house, Poppy surprised everyone as she went into labor and gave birth to adorable puppies. Cifelli was amazed by how quick and smooth the labor was, and it was evident that Poppy was an experienced mother. All the puppies were hale and hearty, which was a relief for everyone.

Once the litter of puppies arrived and grew a few weeks old, Cifelli realized that Poppy needed her first bath. As per Cifelli, Poppy looked quite filthy due to her past life and caring for her seven puppies. However, she believed that Poppy would love this experience. Earlier, when Poppy arrived at Cifelli’s house, she had to clean her eyes daily, which Poppy found relaxing. According to Cifelli, Poppy adored the extra attention and remained calm throughout the process. Therefore, Cifelli decided to come up with an idea that would make this bath an unforgettable experience for Poppy.

Cifelli wanted to give Poppy, a sweet dog and a great mother, a special treat since she had not been receiving basic care before being rescued. Thus, she decided to give Poppy a spa day. Poppy enjoyed a milk bath with flower petals and a gentle scrub to wash away her past. During the process, Poppy was encouraged and loved the scratches. After the bath, Poppy was given a soft bathrobe and a paw massage with coconut oil to soothe her dry paws. To add a touch of class, Poppy was offered chicken broth in a champagne glass.

According to Cifelli, Poppy was absolutely delighted with all the pampering she received during her spa session. Her tail wagged non-stop, and she enjoyed every single moment of it. Poppy continued to receive love and care after her fur was dried. She had raised a litter of puppies, but fortunately, she was adopted by a caring family soon after. Additionally, all her pups found loving homes as well. Cifelli happily shared that she receives regular updates from some of the adoptive families. The puppies have grown into huge dogs and are now cherished members of their respective households. This makes Cifelli feel overjoyed and grateful.

Cifelli strongly believes in showering her foster dogs with love and attention, as she understands that foster parents are usually the first to show them compassion. She particularly enjoys spoiling mother dogs who have often been living outside without adequate food or shelter. Witnessing them relish simple pleasures, such as lounging on a couch or having a satisfying meal, brings Cifelli immense joy.

As a foster parent for dogs awaiting adoption, I have developed some special traditions that I like to do with them before they leave my care. These traditions serve as a good luck send-off and help me appreciate all their hard work. First, I give them a nice bath to ensure they are clean and comfortable. Next, I treat them to scrambled eggs as a yummy snack. Lastly, we go on a fun field trip to explore the park, take a walk, and enjoy a pup cup. It is incredibly rewarding to see their eyes light up and tails start wagging when they realize that their life has just become so much better. These little traditions are my way of celebrating their hard work and a reminder that they will no longer need to raise a litter.

Cifelli feels proud to have been the first person to provide Poppy with the essential individualized care she needed. Since Poppy has found her permanent home, every day is now dedicated to her, as it rightfully should be!

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