Introducing Ella: The Feline Movie Lover Who Enjoys Cozying Up with Her Owners for a Film Night

In these extended times of the pandemic, individuals have acclimated to spending more time at home and cherishing the company of loved ones. Our animal companions, in particular, crave intimacy with their humans. As a result, bonds between humans and pets have been strengthened. We are slowly transitioning from traditional movie dates at the cinema to cozy nights in with our furry friends and indulging in Netflix binges. There is one feline in particular who possesses impressive skills in determining which films deserve Cannes awards. Allow me to introduce you to Ella – the experienced cat with an exceptional taste in movies!

Emily, who had a childhood growing up with dogs, decided to adopt Ella. However, Emily’s husband had a different preference when it came to pets – he was a cat person and desired to rescue every feline he laid his eyes on at the shelter. Emily confessed to feeling guilty when she told her husband that she did not share the same affinity for cats. In search of a solution, they went to the shelter during the festive season, hoping to find a cat that could win over Emily’s heart. Amongst all the adorable kittens, an 11-year-old lady approached Emily and licked her. Without hesitation, Emily knew that this cat had won her affection, and thus, she adopted her. “I already feel a deep connection with this cat,” expressed Emily with delight.

After that fateful day, Emily found herself enamored with an adult cat who had been overlooked due to its age. Generally, people tend to prefer adopting kittens over fully-grown cats, believing that they will have a better chance of adapting and interacting with their owners. However, Ella and Emily are bucking this trend, and have proven that they are right to do so. Despite being both affectionate and picky, Ella has a particular fondness for certain movies, and will even ask Emily to rewatch them if they meet her high standards. Her absolute favorite, however, is “The Grinch” – but only the Benedict Cumberbatch version will do.

It wasn’t until Emily caught Ella quietly watching a movie while working from home that she discovered her friend’s hobby. Emily had been feeling drained during the holiday season and would often turn on the TV for some background noise. While “The Grinch” was playing, Ella became completely engrossed in the film, leaving Emily surprised by her friend’s interest.

Emily initially had some doubts about the strange behavior of her cat, Ella, thinking it was just a coincidence. However, her curiosity grew when she noticed that whenever she paused the movie while Ella was watching, the feline would give her owner a fixed stare until the movie resumed. As time passed, Emily realized that this behavior was not just a hobby but a routine for Ella, and it brought her great joy. Now, whenever Emily settles down to watch her favorite movie, Ella will come and lead her to the couch. Movies have become a bonding experience for Emily and her beloved pet, bringing them closer together. The affection between them has grown so much that even if the TV is on with something Ella doesn’t like, she will still come and sit next to her owner.

Ella has become a well-known personality on TikTok under the username EllawatchesTV. Many of her followers suggest interesting movies to her and eagerly await her reactions to them. Ella’s passion for movies is no secret, but Emily discovered that she also loves Nicki Minaj’s music. To cater to Ella’s interests, Emily even went so far as to create a personalized streaming profile for her on platforms like Netflix.

Love works in mysterious ways. Even if you were never a fan of cats, one might just take a hold of your heart. And even if you weren’t big on movie nights, you’ll still go along with them for the sake of making your loved ones happy. For Ella, her new partner for movie nights is Jovie, a playful tortoiseshell kitten who loves spending time with her. Together, they make a dynamic duo that brings so much joy to Emily’s family.

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