Lamborghini’s Plans for the Huracan’s Follow-Up

Lamborghini enjoys record profits, so it’s able to develop its own platform without the need of a partner

Lamborghini says that strong profits and record sales have allowed it to create the successor to the Huracan without having to partner with Audi to share the burden of development costs.

The Lamborghini Huracan, as well the Gallardo, were both developed and launchedaongside two generations of the Audi R8. During a recent media event focused on the new Huracan Sterrato, the director of Lamborghini’s Asia-Pacific region Franceso Scardaoni said that the Huracan’s replacement will be underpinned by a unique platform free from Audi input.

“Since we’ve been so profitable, we got the green light to develop our own platform,” he confirmed to Drive. “From one side, being part of the [VW] Group and having a platform to share is really good because you can share technology, and use technology that is validated from other brands – it’s really a good approach. But of course, being able to design our own platform gives us even more freedom to create the platform that best fits the Lamborghini DNA without any compromise. The company is setting records, quarter over quarter, year over year in terms of financials so… we are able to invest a huge amount of money in terms of research and development and to design our own platforms.”

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