McLaren’s Debut in India’s Supercar Scene

India will be the 41st market for McLaren, which will open its first retail outlet in Mumbai this October McLaren Will Enter The Indian Market This Year With Mumbai Dealership

McLaren announced its expansion to India, following the growing demand for supercars from its local clientele. This will be the 41st market for McLaren and an important part of its global expansion plans.

The automaker’s first retail outlet in India will be McLaren Mumbai, set to open its doors this October. The dealership will open a “direct window” into the Woking headquarters where McLaren designs and builds all of its vehicles. It will also offer after sales services including maintenance work for all models.

Members of the McLaren range that will be made available to Indian buyers include the all-new Artura plug-in hybrid, the GT grand tourer, the 720S, and the 765LT coming in both Coupe and Spider forms. The press release didn’t mention any limited-production models from the Ultimate series like the Elva speedster or the already sold-out Speedtail three-seater hypercar.

Paul Harris, McLaren Automotive’s Managing Director in APAC and China territories, said: “India remains an important market where our fans and select clientele can enjoy the best of McLaren in Mumbai. Looking ahead, we will shortly welcome the Artura to India, the all-new high-performance hybrid supercar”.

McLaren says they already have “a well-established and growing presence in the Asia Pacific region”, with India being the next step in the process. Most of McLaren’s rivals including Ferrari and Lamborghini are already present in the Indian market, with the potential growth in the demand for exotic vehicles expected to attract more automakers in the future.

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