Overjoyed Blind Kitten Finds Forever Home with Admirer of Her Unique Beauty

Introducing Morwen! She’s a stunning one-year-old kitty who was rescued from Georgia. Unfortunately, before finding her loving family, she was mistreated and neglected. But despite all the hardships she faced, Morwen never gave up. Her story is proof of her incredible resilience and fortitude. Tati Romeo, Morwen’s mother and Lost Cats Georgia director, shares her heartwarming story below.

A Rocky Beginning
Morwen had a difficult start in life, as she was found in a hoarding situation and was in poor health. Sadly, she suffered from a severe upper respiratory infection that caused both of her eyes to rupture, leaving her blind. Although all the cats from the hoarding case were adopted, Morwen remained unclaimed until I stumbled upon her and changed her fate.

From the moment my gaze met hers, I was smitten! She had me under her spell, and so I christened her “Morwen,” after a renowned sorceress who owned eight feline companions in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. To me, cats such as Morwen are remarkable in their own right – not due to any deficiencies. I am partial to the extraordinary ones. While all three of my kitties have limited vision, they refuse to be hindered by it.

It’s truly astounding how tough cats can be! We need to recognize and appreciate those felines who may not fit the mold, and teach others that these unique kitties are just as loving and wonderful as any other pet. Even cats with visual impairments are able to live happy, fulfilling lives. Cats have so much to teach us about strength and perseverance!

Can you describe Morwen’s character?
Morwen is a spunky and daring feline. She takes charge of the household and makes sure her siblings know their place. However, when I first brought her home, she faced some challenges. Climbing was particularly challenging for her, and she often seemed too nervous to even attempt it. To help her out, I purchased a set of stairs that made it easier for her to ascend the couch, bed, and cat tree.

It brings me immense joy to share that my feline companion has achieved a major milestone. She can now effortlessly ascend to the peak of our towering cat tree and relax without any worry, despite her blindness. Morwen exudes confidence and bravery, which is truly inspiring. Speaking of inspiration, Morwen has been a big part of my life, especially during a difficult period when I faced the possibility of losing my sight in 2014. It was an unsettling experience that forced me to confront my fears head-on.

I am fortunate enough to have received the vital brain operation that prevented me from losing my eyesight. Morwen’s story holds a special place in my heart, as I can relate to her struggles and her unwavering spirit. Despite her vision loss, she continues to live her life to the fullest, and her resilience has taught me valuable lessons. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be her caregiver and appreciate the little things in life even more now.

Let’s bring attention to the unique cats out there and spread awareness about adopting rescue pets. It’s important to recognize that even cats who may be different, are just as deserving of love and care. Blind cats, for example, have their own beauty and charm that should be celebrated. Let’s make sure they aren’t overlooked and help them find their forever homes.

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