Portly Pooch Learns the Importance of Shedding Some Pounds as He Gets Trapped in his Doggie Door in the USA

Some time back, Drax couldn’t have fathomed waking up each morning feeling secure and joyous. The destitute pup was once a stray, with no idea whether he’d live through the day. Drax endured starvation, was painfully thin, and always fearful, uncertain of his next meal. However, after being saved and taken in by Charmaine Hulley, Drax has been living a life fit for a king. It’s possible that he’s even been indulging himself a bit too much.

Two years prior, Hulley’s sister chanced upon an undernourished and frightened pup outside a grocery store in Australia. After consulting with her spouse, they brought the pitiful puppy home to nurse him back to health. However, Hulley ended up becoming Drax’s caretaker. During her stay at her sister’s and brother-in-law’s place, Hulley felt a strong impulse to protect the malnourished stray that her sister had rescued from the parking lot. Although Drax was visibly starving, his fear prevented him from eating anything. In response, Hulley took it upon herself to rehabilitate both his physical and mental well-being through proper nutrition and care.

Hulley had taken great care of Drax, and his overall health and wellbeing had improved significantly. When Hulley decided to move in with her boyfriend, Taylor, she made sure to bring Drax along with her, where he was welcomed into their home along with Hulley’s other rescue dogs. Drax was showered with love, care, and never went hungry. However, when Hulley had to temporarily move out and leave Drax with Taylor, his weight started to increase. With Taylor working long hours, Drax’s structured meal plan went out the window, and he was given too much human food, including mouth-watering treats such as steak and KFC. It soon became apparent that even too much of a good thing can have negative consequences on Drax’s health.

During their weekend visit with Hulley and the other pups, Taylor and Drax were thrilled to spend time playing together as siblings. However, their playful antics resulted in Drax getting stuck in the doggy door and tearing it from the wall. Despite this mishap, Drax remained a happy-go-lucky pup and even strutted around with the doggy door still attached to his chubby belly. Concerned about Drax’s weight, Hulley has instructed Taylor to regulate his diet before he becomes too big for any more doors. Hulley expressed uncertainty about whether Drax is actually following the new diet plan or simply saying he is.

It’s quite surprising to ponder upon the fact that Drax, only two years ago, couldn’t have dreamt of a life where his biggest concern would be having an abundance of food. Drax has made tremendous progress since his days as a frail and scared stray. With the love and support of his parents, we have no doubt that this adorable pooch will regain his prime state in no time.

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