Purr-sistent Feline Goes to Great Lengths to Join Loving Family

Have you ever experienced waking up to a meowing cat sitting by your window, waiting for you to open the door? Well, Imgur user FreckledFaceGinger had this exact dilemma and she shared her unforgettable experience on the platform by saying, “I think we’ve been adopted.”

Once upon a time, a friendly tabby feline showed up at the doorstep of a family. The cat was quite talkative and seemed to want to be welcomed into the household. However, the family already had two cats inside their home, so they caught the stray kitty and took her to a rescue organization. Little did they realize that this furry little creature was destined to become the third member of their kitty gang.

According to FreckledFaceGinger, when she was taking the trap out of her car, her cat escaped and ran away. After three days, she was surprised to see the cat sitting at her back door, even though her house was 3 miles away. It seemed like fate that the cat ended up with her family. The cat was so persistent in wanting to be adopted that it kept meowing until they finally opened the door for her. Michelob was named after the drink that FreckledFaceGinger was having on the night the cat showed up.

Michelob became an official domestic cat after her new family took her to the vet for a checkup, including vaccinations and overall health. The vet confirmed that Michelob had already been spayed, but was missing a microchip which caused some concern. As a precaution, they clipped Michelob’s ear so that if she ever ran away, they would be able to identify her as a spayed cat.

After the cat had put in a lot of effort and determination, the family became completely enamored with Michelob. Their exact words were, “I can’t resist her, she’s won me over.”

When Michelob joined the family, the owners believed that she didn’t have affectionate previous owners. She took longer to adjust to the other members of the household and the two cats.

According to their disclosure, it appears that the cat has experienced some sort of mistreatment prior to joining their household. As a result, she doesn’t engage in play, not even with a laser, and her meows are barely audible. Additionally, she doesn’t seem to be fond of rapid movements or the presence of other cats.

Michelob, the feline, had a few flaws, but she remained an affectionate and devoted pet. She found comfort in curling up on the laundry pile, enjoying the warmth it provided all through the day. Additionally, she relished the moments when her human companions brushed her fur.

According to the owner, the dog decided to stay with them for reasons unknown, but they believe the dog is content. It is said that if a dog chooses to be with you, it is a sign that you are worthy of their companionship. On the other hand, if a cat chooses to be with you, it is a testament to your exceptional kindness.

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