Rescuing a Furry Friend: One Woman’s Heartwarming Tale of Saving a Wounded Kitten from the Streets

In times of dire need, belief in magic can bring about miraculous outcomes. While felines aren’t known for their gift of gab, their eyes often betray their distress and urgency for assistance. Such was the case for a snow-white kitty who had suffered from multiple wounds and infections throughout her body, until fate intervened in the form of a kind-hearted individual in Malaysia.
Nur Hamizah came across the poor kitten as it wandered aimlessly around her property, covered in grime and battling various ailments. Thanks to her compassionate intervention, this little feline may now have a chance at a brighter future.

Nur Hamizah Had, a cat lover from Malaysia, recently came across a wounded kitten under her car. Being an animal lover, she could not leave the poor soul to suffer and decided to do whatever it takes to save its life. Upon examining the kitten, Nur noticed several health issues such as infections, fungus, and wounds. The leg of the kitten was also severely damaged, making the situation worse. However, Nur was determined to nurse the kitten back to health.

Nur gently persuaded the kitten to enter a box and then carried it inside the house.

Nur Hamizah Had transformed a smelly and unkempt cat into a beautiful Snow White princess. Instead of being repulsed by the cat’s appearance, Nur took her to the vet for treatment. She named the cat Meimei and noticed that the kitten seemed to be pleading for help rather than being scared. Meimei was severely undernourished and only weighed 2kg. Nur vowed to love and care for Meimei for the remainder of her life if the cat survived.

Upon bringing the newly adopted kitten, who goes by the name Meimei, for a check-up at the veterinary clinic, Nur received comprehensive information regarding the necessary steps for its rehabilitation.

As they say, good things come to those who wait, and that was definitely the case for Meimei. It took a solid six months of love, care, and kindness from Nur to get Meimei back to her old self. Now, after a year under Nur’s watchful eye, Meimei is practically unrecognizable – in a good way! Her snow-white fur is looking great, and she’s got a confident look about her, thanks in no small part to her full, fluffy coat. Plus, at 6kg, she’s clearly a healthy cat. Despite her fears of strangers, Nur has shown the world that Meimei is a loving and sweet kitty who loves nothing more than snuggling up with her family. All in all, it’s taken a full five months for Meimei to recover into the beautiful feline she is today.

Meimei has regained her health and her snowy white fur has grown back beautifully.



Meimei has become a cherished and pampered indoor feline who receives ample attention and care.




Nur Hamizah Had and Meimei feel overjoyed and appreciative that they have come across one another.

Nur’s kindness towards stray cats is truly inspiring. It reminds us to show them love and care, just like how we would want to be treated. Nur’s passion for helping animals on the streets is unwavering, she never hesitates to rescue them.

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