Saying Goodbye to a Furry Icon: Shiba Inu Meme Star Passes Away, Leaving Fans Heartbroken

Cheems, the beloved meme dog who captured hearts with his silly expressions, passed away on August 19 after a long fight with leukemia. Although many may not have known his real name as Balltze, he was widely recognized as Cheems from his viral social media memes.

As per Know Your Meme, the popular photo of Balltze, the dog, won the affection of many internet users because of his cute smile and playful nature. His fans fondly call him “Cheems”, which comes from his love for cheeseburgers. The meme creators intentionally misspelled it as “cheemsburgers” to add a fun twist. Thanks to this unique touch, Balltze became one of the most well-liked dogs to feature in memes.

Balltze, the shiba inu known for his adorable and derpy appearance, has amassed a large following of fans. Unfortunately, The Sun has reported that he recently passed away at the age of 12 during surgery. His owner took to Instagram to share the news and urged fans to remember the joy Balltze brought to the world. Despite his passing, Balltze’s owner believes he is now running free under the clear sky, enjoying delicious food with new friends. Fans mourned the loss of the cheerful dog and sent condolences to his family, thanking Balltze for the happiness he brought into their lives. One person even commented that they never thought they would shed tears over a dog they didn’t even know, but Balltze was truly special.

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