Seeing Past the Surface: The Power of Empathy

When Terra was first saved, she had very little fur left and was extremely frightened. Her fur loss was caused by a skin issue which was likely due to the lack of care from her previous owners. The pup needed a lot of care to regain her health and had no idea what it meant to receive love from people.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted veterinary professional from West Sussex, UK stepped up to assist Terra in her recovery journey. Despite her distressed skin condition resulting from mange, there was something captivating about Terra’s gaze that drew the attention of many. Mange is a chronic and painful skin disease caused by mites that often causes animals to lose their fur and develop open sores on their skin. Jessie DeFreitas, a veterinary assistant, found herself enamored with Terra’s stunning eyes. She understood that Terra’s skin issues were due to the neglect and mistreatment of her previous owners.

Jessie had a full house with four cats and a rescue dog, but she couldn’t resist making room for Terra. The little pup was lucky to have made it to the vets, as she might not have survived otherwise. Jessie took on the responsibility of raising Terra, knowing that she needed constant attention and care. As Terra grew stronger and healthier, her true beauty began to shine through.

Initially, he referred to her as Honey, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that the name wasn’t a good fit. Terra was rather moody and uninterested in playing, so it didn’t seem appropriate to liken her to something as sweet as honey. Thus, her name was changed to Terra.
As time passed, Terra’s scabies were treated and she became more affectionate. Her coat also grew back, displaying a beautiful blend of brown and white. In the end, Terra turned out to be much more amiable and agreeable than she was originally.

Despite already having a handful of animals to take care of, Jessie is happy that she welcomed Terra into her home. As a veterinary assistant, Jessie has a deep affection for animals and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help a pup in need. Initially, she planned on fostering Terra, but ultimately decided to make her a permanent part of the family. Jessie’s kind heart and dedication resulted in Terra’s happy and healthy life, despite the challenges she faced as a puppy. With love and determination, Terra went through an incredible transformation.

Luckily, Terra was able to overcome her difficult past, but it’s important to remember that other puppies who suffer from neglect may not be as fortunate. It’s up to us to advocate for their well-being and ensure they receive the love and care they deserve. Terra shares her own experiences to shed light on this issue.

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