“Senior Dog Sanctuary: A Couple’s Heartwarming Mission to Rescue Abandoned Canine Companions”

Chris and Mariesa Hughes are huge dog lovers, and they took their passion to the next level by adopting 19 dogs all at once. Their main motivation for taking in so many furry friends is to provide them with a new lease of life. The couple has already rescued over 600 senior and special needs dogs over the years, as they believe that every animal deserves the best possible life. They are even willing to bear the vet fees for their pups, even if they find new homes elsewhere.

A pair of animal lovers have created a massive bed so that they can share it with their numerous dogs. They are particularly dedicated to improving the lives of dogs that have been abandoned or otherwise left without a home. With over a dozen dogs living in their house, the couple has taken great care to ensure that their home is comfortable for everyone. In fact, they have even started a non-profit organization called the Mr. Mo Project, which helps dogs find loving homes and pays for their medical bills for life. Although Chris, who is now 34 years old, was originally born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, he has lived in the United States since he was only three.

Chris and Mariesa had a total of eight dogs as a family when they first met. Chris had six, while Mariesa had two of her own. However, their love for rescuing dogs did not stop there. Mariesa, who has always been passionate about rescuing dogs, shared that she had her first rescue dog when she was just nine years old. Chris shared the same passion, leading to their decision to take in specialized dogs with the intention of rehoming them.

Despite having full-time jobs, the pair is still committed to finding loving homes for dogs and covering their medical expenses.

Chris created the Mr. Mo initiative as a tribute to his beloved dog Moses who unfortunately passed away. Moses was an elderly pit bull who was abandoned at a shelter due to his age. Chris and his family took care of Moses for 22 months until he succumbed to a spinal cord cancer. During Moses’ last few months, Chris realized the high cost of caring for a senior and sick dog. After Moses’ passing, Chris decided to find homes for senior dogs, providing them with all necessary veterinary care and placing them in loving homes that may not have the financial means to do so. Thus, the Mr. Mo project was born.

Chris and Mariesa are highly regarded by shelters for their specific adoption process. They take in dogs that are medically challenged or those that require expensive medical care, which others may not be able to afford. The couple fundraises to finance the veterinary care, with last year’s expenses amounting to $700,000 (£508,536). Once the dogs are healthy, they find them foster homes where they can live for the rest of their lives. However, Chris and Mariesa take on the responsibility of providing medical care for the remainder of the dogs’ lives.
Their home is designed to accommodate the dogs’ needs and keep them happy. Their large walled garden allows the dogs to run free, while personalized kennels provide individual spaces. They also have a hydrotherapy treadmill and laser treatment machine to treat joint and wound issues. The couple believes that it is more cost-effective to have all the necessary facilities in their home since all their dogs have unique requirements.

The feeding routine at the dog sanctuary is quite chaotic and lasts for around half an hour. Some of the dogs require hand-feeding due to dental issues or missing jaws, while others can become aggressive when it comes to food. With 19 dogs of varying ages, breeds, and impairments, taking care of them can be quite challenging. However, the satisfaction of seeing them loved and given a second chance outweighs the stress. Unfortunately, not all dogs can be saved, which takes an emotional toll on the staff. Despite the challenges, the owners admit that taking care of these dogs is their passion and life’s work. While they initially intended not to take in any more dogs, they couldn’t resist the two new additions that came their way. Overall, the experience is bittersweet, but seeing the positive changes in the dogs makes it all worth it.

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