Surprise Packages for Rescue Pooch: Who’s the Secret Sender?

In November 2021, Jessica Sattelberger received a mysterious package containing dog treats and chew toys for her newly adopted dog, Myrtle. The package arrived with no note or return address, leaving Sattelberger and her boyfriend confused about who had sent it. They initially suspected Sattelberger’s sister as she often sends gifts to their dogs, but they were surprised to learn that the anonymous sender was actually the father of one of Adam’s childhood friends – someone they had dubbed “Uncle Bill.” Despite only meeting Adam once in high school, Uncle Bill had somehow learned about Myrtle and had asked for their address to send her gifts.

Myrtle, the magical dog, was officially adopted in June 2021, and her owners started an Instagram page for her. To their surprise, packages started arriving for Myrtle from a secret sender, who turned out to be Uncle Bill. Despite having his own kids with pets, Uncle Bill rarely sends them toys and treats, but he has taken a liking to Myrtle. He even writes “Love, Uncle Bill” on the packages. Sattelberger and Adam have their theories about why Uncle Bill sends gifts to Myrtle, but they are unsure of the exact reason. One theory is that her story touched Uncle Bill’s heart, as they made lots of videos showing her progress and how scared she was in the beginning. The whole situation is incredible and adds to the lore of Uncle Bill.

Have you met Myrtle? She’s a magical dog with a heart of gold. Her journey to finding her forever home wasn’t an easy one, as she was rescued from a cruelty/neglect case in Georgia. Due to her rough shape and trust issues, Myrtle spent a significant amount of time at the Humane Society in Chittenden County. The scars all over her body suggest that she may have been used as a fight dog, but that didn’t stop her from winning the hearts of those who cared for her. Sattelberger, from the Humane Society, shared that Myrtle was in HORRIBLE condition upon intake. Despite her difficult past, Myrtle has a bright future ahead of her thanks to her resilience and the love of her new family. Follow her adventures at Instagram/myrtlethemagicaldog.

Adam had been repeatedly showing Sattelberger photos of Myrtle on the Humane Society’s Instagram account while lamenting that no one had visited her. In response, Sattelberger and Adam decided to pay Myrtle a visit themselves. They spent two weeks with her at the Humane Society, offering her treats and trying to establish a connection. After some time, Myrtle became more receptive to their presence, and the Humane Society allowed them to foster her for a few weeks. Although the foster period was challenging, Sattelberger acknowledges that it was worth it in the end.

According to Sattelberger, Myrtle was initially very frightened and would seek refuge in her crate or laundry baskets in the closet. She would also refuse to go for walks and would freeze as soon as they took her outside. Despite this, Sattelberger and Adam were determined not to give up on her. They believed that no one else would be willing to dedicate the time and space necessary to help Myrtle come out of her shell. It was a long road, but every small progress Myrtle made felt like a significant accomplishment to them.

Rescue pittie hides in laundry basket

Myrtle underwent a significant transformation with the assistance of a positive reinforcement trainer and a veterinary behaviorist. According to Sattelberger, Myrtle is now an energetic and lively dog who feels at ease in their household and around people. She has developed a liking for walks and has become more vocal, and she enjoys participating in training exercises. Due to their training method, which involves food, Myrtle eagerly participates. Sattelberger and Adam have communicated with Uncle Bill through Instagram and expressed their gratitude for his generous gifts to Myrtle, but he is still mostly an amiable stranger who wants to spoil a dog that has been given a second chance at life.

According to Sattelberger, they don’t consider it as spoiling when it comes to their dog. Their belief is to ensure that their furry companion’s life is enriched to the fullest possible extent. They view dogs as creatures with their own emotions and thinking faculties that should be treated accordingly.
In addition to the gifts from Uncle Bill, Myrtle’s parents go above and beyond to provide her with a range of fresh meals and high-end kibble. They spare no expense to get her treats, and she even has five different beds – one for each room in the house, including the cars.

Sattelberger and Adam are delighted to have Uncle Bill as a new member of their family. Despite being an unexpected addition, they appreciate how he has taken a liking to their pit bull, who has had a tough past. It warms Sattelberger’s heart that someone who was once a stranger has now formed a special bond with their furry friend. With Uncle Bill’s presence, Myrtle’s life has become even more pleasant. If you want to pamper your four-legged companion, PetSmart has all the essentials!

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