Surprised Mom Witnesses Her Furry Friend’s Joyful Discovery of a Muddy Pool After Grooming

Meet Luna, an adorable dog who has a preference for keeping herself clean and dry. Despite her sweet nature, Luna is not fond of getting her paws dirty or wet. Her owner, Fernanda Kreibich, shared that Luna avoids walking on grass after it rains, as she dislikes the feeling of getting dirty.

Luna, the tiny dog who has always been obsessed with cleanliness, seems to have undergone a transformation as of late. She now appears to enjoy getting herself dirty, which is quite unexpected.

The other day, Kreibich decided to take her well-groomed dog Luna along with her to visit her fiancé’s workplace. Despite the earlier rain, Kreibich wasn’t too concerned about Luna getting dirty since she usually keeps herself clean. However, things did not go as planned. Luna suddenly ran ahead and joined two other dogs at the worksite in a large puddle of mud, leaving Kreibich surprised. She expressed her shock by exclaiming “My God!” Luna, who was previously averse to dirt, quickly realized how much fun she had been missing out on all this time.

Kreibich was surprised by what happened and had no explanation. Luna seemed to enjoy her time playing in the mud, despite ending up completely filthy.

According to Kreibich, Luna was feeling extremely proud because she had found her true calling in life. She had discovered a new passion, which meant that she was no longer concerned about keeping herself clean all the time. Nonetheless, Kreibich eventually gave her a bath after the event.

Kreibich may have been hesitant when Luna discovered her love for dirt and mud, knowing it would mean more cleaning. However, surprisingly, Kreibich is supportive of Luna’s newfound interest.

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