“The Adorable Pup with 118K Followers Still Awaits His Forever Home”

On a subway ride in Istanbul, an uncommon passenger went unnoticed by most commuters, but one curious rider found it fascinating. Amir, who typically drives to work, had to take the subway due to car troubles and was not expecting such an intriguing experience on his daily commute.

On Instagram, under the username boji_ist, a curious commuter shared a peculiar experience he had while boarding the subway. As he was making his way onto the train, he noticed something quite out of the ordinary. To his surprise, no one else seemed to take notice of the strange passenger that was also boarding alongside them. It turned out to be a massive yellow dog waiting patiently on the platform. The dog must have been quite relaxed because it boarded the subway car just like any other commuter. Amir, the observer, looked around but couldn’t spot the dog again before reaching his destination stop.

Boji_ist on Instagram
After getting off the subway and heading to work, Amir couldn’t shake the image of the stray dog from his mind. He assumed he’d never see the pup again, but lo and behold, the next day the dog was back on the platform, waiting for the next train.
This became a pattern over several days, with the unassuming dog often ignored by other passengers. However, one day things took a turn when a fellow rider pushed the pooch off the train, preventing him from boarding. Amir noticed the dog’s distress, but before he could intervene, the train had already left the station.

On his Instagram account, boji_ist shared a heartwarming story about his concern for a dog he had seen. He was so worried about the dog that the following day, he brought some delicious food with him in the hope that he would find the dog again. Fortunately, he found the dog and fed it the treats, but unfortunately, this did not alleviate his anxiety about the dog’s welfare.

Therefore, he decided to take action and contacted a shelter to see if there was any way they could help the dog. The shelter was just as curious as Amir and decided to attach a tracker to the dog to monitor its whereabouts every day. The result of their tracking efforts amazed them, and they became even more fascinated by what the dog was up to.

The Instagram account “boji_ist” features a dog who takes daily walks through the city and always returns to the subway in the evening. Although he travels alone, it’s clear that he knows where he’s going and has traveled extensively. Initially thought to be a stray, Boji was later taken to the vet where they discovered that he was once a pet. However, he now roams the city, visiting with his many friends and fans. It turns out that Boji is somewhat of a celebrity in the area.

Boji, also known as boji_ist on Instagram, has gained quite a following on social media. Despite not having a designated owner, this free-spirited pup has captured the hearts of many who have taken it upon themselves to feed and care for him. Boji’s daily adventures include traveling up to 20 miles using public transportation, and he even enjoys a ferry ride every now and then. This smart canine seems to have a knack for taking care of himself, although no one knows how he ended up on the streets without a family of his own. With the support of his community and his impressive 118,000 followers on Instagram, Boji is thriving as a beloved member of society.

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