The rescue Dog Super Mom Feeds 17 Babies after adopting Six Orphaned Puppie

“She truly is a saint”

Petunia the rescue dog had only intended to care for her own pups. When six orphaned puppies needed a foster mother, she jumped at the chance.

Despite having 11 children of her own, the 4-year-old St. Bernard-mix accepted six orphans recently discovered in an abandoned house. When the litter’s mother failed to return for the puppies, volunteers turned to No Dog Left Behind.

Stephanie Easley, Petunia’s foster mom, told The Dodo, “When they came, my husband took them home to see if Petunia would let them to bond to her.” “Thankfully, she got right to work cleaning things up without missing a beat. There was no doubt that these six had become her children as well.”

Petunia, who was homeless and pregnant on the streets of rural Minnesota, relied on the goodwill of others to get to Easley’s house.

“at first, there was concern that Petunia wouldn’t be a good mother, but that rapidly faded,” Easley said. “Once she was established into her temporary’suite,’ she began fulfilling her motherly responsibilities flawlessly.”

“Petunia is doing so great with these orphans,” Easley said. “We went from the possibility of her needing assistance with her litter to taking in six more!”

Large dog litters often have one to twelve puppies, with the average number being five or six. But things are looking well for the new mom and her extra-large litter so far.

“Petunia is as delicious as it gets,” Easley said. “She is sweet, peaceful, kind, kind, and endearing… i’m completely smitten with her. i’ve had so many wonderful foster dogs, but Petunia is already proving to be one of a kind!”

Now, the proud dog mom enjoys showing off her offspring.

“Momma Petunia is incredible!” Easley explained. “She isn’t struggling in the least.” She is a true saint. People frequently believe that humans can learn from dogs, but Petunia is capable of unconditional love and acceptance. She assisted individuals in need despite the fact that it was a strain on her. Consider what the world would be like if everyone could do it.”

Petunia and her offspring will be offered for adoption after her parental duties have slowed down. But Petunia’s presence in Easley’s life has already had an impact.

Fostering Petunia has already been a life-changing experience, according to Easley. “Look at how many lives i get to save as a little part of —18 innocent lives all at once.” amazing pets (like Petunia) provide us with life-changing experiences that we will never forget. These are the things that will help mold my children into the next generation of decent people.”

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