Unexpected Arrival: Abandoned Kitten Finds New Home with Mother Cat and Her Six Kittens

A basket was discovered at a park containing a cute little kitten. Luckily, the kitten was soon taken in by a mother cat and her six adorable kittens.

newborn orphan kitten


A pregnant cat was recently brought to Animal Control. However, before a local rescue could take her in, she gave birth to six kittens inside her kennel. The next day, the rescue took them all in, and the mother cat, named Lucy, quickly adjusted to her new home with purrs and biscuits. She was so sweet that the rescuers believed she must have been someone’s pet. Despite being filthy, they noticed that she seemed to appreciate the comfortable surroundings of her foster home. Lucy has been purring happily ever since her arrival.

sweet calico cat

Meet Lucy, the mother cat who had her paws full with six adorable kittens to feed. At first, she was struggling to eat enough for herself while taking care of her little ones. However, with some proper nutrition and a lot of love, Lucy’s health improved, and she regained her appetite. Her kittens named Pigpen, Linus, Charlie, Patty, Woodstock, and Snoopy would often fall asleep on their mom after having a satisfying meal.

cat mom sleeping kittens

Lucy’s kittens began consuming more milk from their mom as soon as Lucy herself started consuming more. Lucy appeared to be grateful towards Aimee for giving her and her kittens a home, exhibiting affection by purring and rubbing against her. Whenever Lucy needed a break from her babies, she would jump onto Aimee’s lap, stretch her toes, and enjoy being petted.

affectionate cat lap

Jumping ahead to just two days prior, the rescue received a call about a small kitten discovered in a park, placed in a basket with a partially emptied bottle. It was evident that someone had left him there, as he had been left unattended and no one came forward to claim him. Fortunately, the finder brought him to the rescue for assistance.

kitten found in park

A baby kitten named Rerun was discovered in a basket at a park. Due to his young age, Rerun required constant attention and affection. In order to increase his chances of survival, it was decided that he would be introduced to a nursing mother cat. When Lucy heard the cries of the little kitten, she hurried over and began to groom him thoroughly.

cat accepts kitten

Lucy welcomed the little one with open arms and began looking after him from the get-go. Aimee, who shared the story with Love Meow, expressed her gratitude towards Lucy for providing a shelter to the orphaned baby. They named him Rerun, inspired by the youngest character from Peanuts. When Rerun was introduced to the nest, Lucy turned on to her side, allowing the tiny one to nurse comfortably.

kitten nursing cat

Rerun was overjoyed to finally have a mother figure in his life. He showed his excitement by kneading on Mama’s belly and soon joined his new siblings in a cute snuggle pile. Lucy was immediately smitten with Rerun and treated him as one of her own, giving him plenty of love and attention.

kittens sleeping cuddle

Rerun, the newest addition to the cat family, took a nap with his siblings. As the runt of the litter, Rerun has trouble keeping up with the others when it comes to mealtime. Thankfully, Aimee has been helping out by supplementing his diet while Lucy takes care of the rest. Although their mother has accepted Rerun, he is smaller than the others and has difficulty reaching the milk bar. To ensure he gets enough to eat, Aimee has been bottle-feeding him and he has taken to it like a pro.

kitten bottle feeding

Lucy enjoys observing Rerun while he drinks his bottle. She eagerly awaits the moment when he finishes consuming the formula so that she can clean his face. It’s apparent that Rerun is accustomed to drinking from a bottle, indicating that he must have been bottle-fed before. This piques Lucy’s curiosity, and she wonders about the story behind it. Lucy and Mama Lucy will be sharing the responsibility of raising Rerun.

sweet kitten kiss

Even though he’s tiny, Rerun packs a punch with his powerful motor and adorable purrs that follow each meal. According to his caregiver, he’s only a week or so old, which means his eyes are just starting to open.

kitten nursing on cat

Rerun is thriving with a lot of support from a loving cat and many individuals. He is making significant progress and spending most of his time cuddling. Rerun has a vast network of family members who keep him company, and he has two moms to nurture and monitor his growth.

kitten nursing on cat

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