“Unraveling a Neglected Feline’s Dreadlocks: How We Helped a Cat Shed 2 Pounds of Matted Fur”

Meet Hidey, a cat who had been suffering from severely matted fur that resembled dreadlocks for years. Found neglected in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her fur was 6 to 8 inches long and contained a mixture of excrement and knotted hair, making it impossible for her to move around and causing extreme exhaustion. Thankfully, she was rescued and taken to the Western PA Humane Society’s Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Shelter where she underwent hours of grooming to remove all of the dreads and completely shave the matted hair. Now settled in her new surroundings, Hidey is feeling much better and will be taken care of by a distant relative of her previous owner. We can only imagine the hardship she has been through, but it is heartwarming to see humans taking action to give her a chance at a happy and healthy life once more. Scroll down to see Hidey’s journey and her happy face, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Share your own stories in the comment section below.

A kitty with dreadlock-like matted fur was saved in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after being neglected.

Hidey’s fur was tangled with a combination of feces and knotted hair, measuring around 6 to 8 inches in length when she was found hiding in a basement. She was subsequently transferred to the care of the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Shelter.

It was a time-consuming task to get rid of all the tangled locks and completely shave off the knotted hair.

Hidey is feeling immensely relieved now that she has bid adieu to her matted hair and dreadlocks.

A far-off relation of her former owner will take care of her and ensure that she experiences a delightful and healthy existence.

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