“Unsung Hero Cares for 750 Dogs at His Shelter, Giving Them Hope and Love”

Regrettably, it’s a common occurrence for people to leave animals stranded on the streets without regard for their loyal companionship. However, there are individuals like Sasha Pesic who have dedicated years to assisting homeless dogs and providing them with the care they need.

A well-known animal rights activist in Serbia established his own animal sanctuary back in 2008, which now serves as a home to around 750 dogs. This individual’s journey began when he discovered four abandoned puppies while driving home in the same year.

He couldn’t help but feel a sense of responsibility towards them, so even though he was facing financial constraints, he started coming up with a strategy to aid their cause.

Thanks to the help of 6 dedicated volunteers, Sasha was able to create a safe haven for all the animals in need. With their combined efforts, he succeeded in providing shelter and nourishment for every single one of them. And to keep the sanctuary up and running, he relied on the generosity of people from all corners of the globe who donated their resources to his cause.

The person taking care of the animals has a thorough understanding of each creature’s name, and ensures that they are vaccinated, sterilized, and identified with an ID microchip.

Sasha is a true hero for rescuing nearly 1,200 dogs, and finding new homes for more than 400 of them worldwide. He sets an inspiring example for all of us to follow.

Sasha had faced some problems with the landowners of the sanctuary’s location, who demanded him to vacate the place.

Upon the matter being made public, a slew of individuals signed a petition prompting the government to temporarily retract its decision.

Sasha acknowledges and appreciates the assistance of everyone who has helped in dealing with abandoned dogs. She strongly believes that the current system fails to provide solutions, resulting in more harm than good for these helpless animals.

According to Sasha, one more problem that adds up to the issue of stray animals is the lack of responsibility shown by pet owners. They often fail to spay or neuter their pets, and abandon them when they are no longer wanted, ultimately contributing to the population of homeless animals.

“I am unable to provide care for my canine companion due to the responsibilities of taking care of my infant,” and “I no longer have the need for a dog.”

Regrettably, he is not receiving any assistance from the government and some veterinarians overcharge him assuming that he has plenty of funds from his payments. Nevertheless, this does not deter him from getting the help his pet needs.

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