Unusual: The ‘highest quality on the earth’ top 7 banana varieties

In the world of fruits, bananas are known to be one of the most widely used foods in the world.

Let’s explore the strangest bananas on this planet with Delicious clean strange:

Biggest banana in the world

With a length of about 18cm, a width of 5-6cm, Musa ingens banana is ranked by many people as a giant among bananas because of its size and length, which is unmatched by any other banana.

The giant banana variety Musa ingens in Papua New Guinea can reach a maximum height of up to 18m, the trunk circumference can be up to 2m, equal to the trunk of an old tree. Meanwhile, their leaves are also “terrible” with a length of up to 5m, 1m wide.

SIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

a bunch of bananas when ripe weighs from 30 to 60 kg. a ripe banana is about 18cm long andaout 5-6cm wide.

The world’s smallest banana

With an average length of only about 2.5 to 5cm, señorita is considered the “youngest” of the banana family. This small banana is also known by other names such as Monkoy, cariñosa, or cuarenta Dias.

Is a type of wild banana originating from the Philippines. They are known for being one of those bananas with a very distinctive sweet and tender flesh. They are light green when green and turn pale yellow when ripe.SIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

Smallest banana variety compared to regular sized bananas

They are often eaten as soon as they are ripe, perhaps because their size is so small that they are easily crushed and damaged during transportation. in particular, this type of banana is also rarely used in cooking compared to other bananas.

The longest banana in the worldSIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

Thanks to the “super” length, an average of about 36cm, the Kluay banana, also known as the Rihno banana, is considered the “terrible” banana variety in the world and the longest banana variety today.

Looking at the “look” of this banana, everyone thinks it’s going to be “a full meal” but in fact the flesh of the Kluay banana is quite small and if compared with the largest banana in the worldaove, it is true. where to seep.

The most colorful bananas

Wearing the most brilliant “dress” in the banana village, red bananas, also known as Dacca bananas, originate from australia.

SIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

Red bananas have smaller fruits than normal bananas, have a dark red skin, thick, soft and sweet flesh, with a light aroma.

SIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

SIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

Bananas have a deep red or purple skin. Banana flesh is creamy white to pink in color with a gentle banana flavor mixed with an appealing raspberry flavor.

Bananas have the most “sexy” look

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Dubbed “the more beautiful the more dangerous”, the pink banana has a brilliant, “glamorous” appearance with an enchanting purple-pink color, but its taste is so bitter that “no one can love it”. Therefore, pink bananas are only grown for ornamental purposes.

Having an expensive price and being considered a “money-making” specialty of many countries in central america, countries in the tropics, this fancy purple-pink banana variety was available in Vietnam and immediately curious many people.

small banana, about 7-8 cm in size, purple-pink skin, small black seeds. Dark green, beautiful leaves.

The most “rare and hard to find” bananas

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Ae ae not only made her mark in the extremely diverse and rich banana house not only with her very strange name but also because of her rare “appearance” that is hard to find.

Many people often wonder why this type of banana is rarely seen. That’s because ae ae have a very bitter taste and low “reproduction rate”, so they are not used as food.

Banana with the most seeds

“Not planted, but self-produced”, this most seeded banana is also known as the wild banana.

SIÊU LẠ: Top 7 giống chuối

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